Ask the Dermatologist #3

Ask the Dermatologist #3

Under this section, That Luxurious Feeling gets the chance to ask a team consisting of Dermatologists Specialists and Bio medical experts some of the most common questions regarding skin, skincare and ingredients. The purpose is to give you a small “dictionary” to support your reading on the site as well as ensuring that TLF makes it’s best effort not to add extra oil to the internet fire of false rumours around cosmetics and cosmeceuticals.

• Question 3 •

What is the Hydrolipidic film and what is it’s main purpose?

The Dermatologist’s answer: 

The Hydrolipidic film covers the entire skin surface and acts as a external protective barrier. It is mainly built up by sebum, water and sweat and defends your skin against harmful bacterias. To a certain extend it also assist in keeping your skin moist, hence topical applications of large molecule Hyaluronic acids reacts well with the film.

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