Ask the Dermatologist #2

Ask the Dermatologist #2

Under this section, That Luxurious Feeling gets the chance to ask a team consisting of Dermatologists Specialists and Bio medical experts some of the most common questions regarding skin, skincare and ingredients. The purpose is to give you a small “dictionary” to support your reading on the site as well as ensuring that TLF makes it’s best effort not to add extra oil to the internet fire of false rumours around cosmetics and cosmeceuticals.

• Question 2 •

The skin:

Is it true that the skin is “the body’s largest organ”? 

The Dermatologists answer:

Yes, this is correct. Your skin is the largest organ of your body. I wouldn’t say that this is particularly important information – but people like to measure in general 🙂

For a grown up woman, her weight of skin is 14kg, 20% of her body weight.

Daily she grows 0.002 mm of skin cells. She contains ¼ of stored water in body.

At 1 cm² of skin, we have over 600 000 cells , 5 000 sensory cells, 4 m nerve pathway, 100 sweat glands, 1 m blood vessels, 15 seboreha glands, 5 hairs and 150 000 pigment cells.

With these numbers in mind, one might feel more encouraged to take care of the cell turnover, not prohibit the skin from breathing and the sweat glands from working it’s course to cool down the body and to assist the blood circulation by exercise and facial massage. The pigment cells needs to be protected from harmful UV-range. We only have the skin we’re in, and as the body’s largest organ it should be protected and cared for as any other organ we have. Be mindful about all layers of your skin.

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