The platform of That Luxurious Feeling is built up on personal experiences and opinions that shall not be considered as “hard facts”. I’m not a skincare expert, my knowledge is based on university studies in Chemistry and Biology, 18 years of trial and error, fact-seeking, skincare training and learning. I consult a team of medical professionals whenever I publish articles with scientific content.

Specialist Dermatologist and a Biomedical Phd in medicine are at my service for fact based posts. These posts will be fully disclosed and shown under the category “Ask the Scientist”.

Posts with reviews that features press samples, affiliate links or sponsored/collaborated posts will always be fully disclosed. However, I’m always honest about my personal opinions and would never post about a product that doesn’t fit in with my vision for That Luxurious Feeling. GWP and samples given over counter upon purchase are considered private items received while spending private money.

Colour variation may occur; photographing makeup is not always easy. TLF doesn’t take responsibility for any readers purchases.

When trying new products recommended by TLF onto your skin, I suggest you always do a patch test. Anyone can be allergic to anything at any time. Be gentle with your skin.

TLF will post links to other Instagram accounts, blogs, retailers, online shops and brands. It is for the pleasure of the readers, and not a way for TLF to earn commission.

The site focuses mainly on Mid-to-High end products. That doesn’t mean that a lower priced alternative might be considered as bad products. Shop around to find what’s suitable for your skin, budget and level of interest.