A fresh breeze by Michael Kors

Back in 2013, mid-level fashion brand Michael Kors decided to re-launch their whole beauty range. Out came a huge collection divided into three segments: SPORTY, SEXY and GLAM with matching fragrances to go.

Recently, I picked up one of the smaller bottles from the range: Michael Kors SPORTY Citrus for Women. The fragrance come in 30, 50 and 100ml bottles and is also available in a handy, travel friendly roll-on.

This perfume, created by well known Honorine Blanc is described as being fruity, fresh with a lot of citrus for a day wear. A “girl-on-the-go” kind of scent that speaks of casual elegance.

According to Michael Kors’ site and Fragrantica, the notes in this perfume is orange and mandarin mixed together with patchouli and sweet cassis. At the base you’ll find some musk and moss.

The sleek glass bottle topped with a signature golden stopper (the same as all their nail polishes) really agrees with my taste.

I first tried the GLAM Jasmine, but that wasn’t at all for me. SPORTY Citrus is a lovely scent, I like to wear it during daytime and have received a number of compliments for it. I still will tell you this” to me (an apparently others according to reviews) it doesn’t smell of citrus at all, haha. I love everything citrusy, but this more reminds me of a clean and sweet scent. There are some hints of the darker musk and moss, which helps the perfume from getting too girlie, but I more sense that it is zesty and fresh laundry all in one scent. If that makes any sense at all!?

The perfumer, Honorine Blanc, is mostly known for creating fragrances for celebrity lines. She is the nose and brain behind bottles by Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez and our favourite twins who fronts Elizabeth & James. As such, she is used to create more sweet scents that I personally connect with an audience between 20-30.

Then she apparently changed directions as she is the creator behind the newly released and much loved Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent! Go figure?

Anyway, I got this perfume as a VIB gift via Sephora and I’m not sure I would have picked it up otherwise, knowing that I almost never like fragrances in this range. However, it is a wonderful, light scent and I’m happy I found it “by accident” and love to wear it! Have you tried any of the Michael Kors’ perfumes? Which one did you fancy? ♥

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