AERIN – “My woman Crush”

AERIN • Mediterranean Honeysuckle • Eau de Parfum Spray •

Simply because the woman can’t seem to do anything wrong! I’ve been head over heals ever since she released her very first decadent bottle of perfume. I collect them like jewels and the scent wardrobe (with memories from Aerin Lauder’s travels and memories) seem to resonate with me so well, even though I’ve never visited most of the places where she takes us. Soon arriving to the UAE which means I can stop sourcing bottles from all over the world whenever somebody we know happens to be traveling! YEAY ♥

  1. I already told you on IG, this bottle looks so gorgeous and the name is so beautiful reminding me the place where I live.

    Thank you so much for sharing this beauty.


    1. You know what Mar, If you read the story behind the bottle, you’ll notice that Aerin always creates fragrances that smell of places that she has visited and fallen in love with. This particualr one is very much all about your home! The whole collection is amazing, quite expensive so I’m collecting them one by one when I have the means to spend. I have already shown you the website, go have a look! Kisses, M

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