Aqua Celestia by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Major desire warning: as niche perfume brand Maison Francis Kurkdjian releases his third perfume in the Aqua-family, following Aqua Universalis and Aqua Vitae, the 2017 edition called Aqua Celestia is completely made for me!

Now, to me MFK is a true master when it comes to floral and sensual creations and to be very honest, there is not one of his perfumes that I wouldn’t consider wearing, the Aqua Celestia caters for my demands when it comes to a fresh fragrance for daywear.

With top notes of Mexican Lime and cool mint from England it starts off with this extremely zesty and cool kick. I almost wants to chew it! Somewhere in the heart of the fragrance you find the unexpected combination of Mimosa blossoms from Provence and Blackcurrant from Burgundy and this is where it all gets so interesting! I would never have thought about pairing blackcurrant (it is very noticeable) with cool mint? It sounds a bit odd but it really makes the freshness and vitality of the fragrance come to life.

At the base of the new perfume there is celestial white musk which helps to tie it all together to this beautiful light creation of summer, fresh laundry and elegance. It suits the warm Middle Eastern desert winds perfectly and I can’t wait for it to officially launch here in Dubai where I recommend you to either visiting Mr. Issam at the MFK counter in Paris Gallery or take a look at the new, amazingly decadent setup at Robinsons ME who really knows how to cater for the niche market consumer.

As it so happens, I will have the huge pleasure of meeting with Master Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian for a launch and luncheon at the end of this month and I can’t wait to share everything with you! I’m always excited to meet the creative brains that makes out beauty industry move forward. Hopefully, I’ll get to hear more about the thoughts behind this beautiful scent and what will be the Maison’s plans for the future. The scent is said to be unisex and of the Olfactory family of Musky, Floral and Citrus. Personally, I think it leans towards feminine but hey, everyone benefits from smelling of luxurious fresh laundry, right?!♥

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