Bronze Goddess

Bronze Goddess

Even though the AW15 collections are dropping in (oh, the pleasure!) we are still in July and everyone I know is now off on summer vacations. For me, certain smells are clear reminders of summer: newly cut grass, dad barbecuing and sunscreen all over. When we relocated for sunny climate I smiled to myself whenever passing a tourist on my way to work. The scent of sunblock just reminded me that people were actually having  vacation in my street!

Estèe Lauder has done it better than others. Her Bronze Goddess Collection comes out year after year and I always focuses specially on the perfume. If you google it, you can see the bottle getting a new design each year. It gives it a collectors-item status. The scent has also been slightly moderated over the years, but one important thing still remains: the fresh smell of coconut and saltwater.

Called the Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent it is described as “All heat, all desire. All woman”. Listen to this: Bergamot, warm amber, vanilla, juicy mandarin and coconut. Who can resist!?

For those who think that a summer-scent shall only be used during vacation, and live in a cooler climate (I can love the fact that we are having summer all year long) there is a smaller roll-on size available online. My purchase for Summer 2015!

Check out the full collection online

All pictures: Estèe

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