BYREDO 10 Years


Call it what you like; niche brand, fashion perfumeries or scent factory. When it comes to BYREDO it is a very special house of fragrances that is well loved all over the world and by diverse categories of users. A quick look on Pinterest or Instagram will tell you that artistic monochrome lovers as well as super romantic girly-girls enjoy these wonderful bottles (and hand creams and candles and…).

It’s a bit of a success story, but still with a lot of integrity and toned down image.

BYREDOs own Instagram account is next to nothing, you rarely see advertising or interviews made by the founder, Ben Gorham. It is as if the brand’s reputation just sell itself, mouth-to-mouth-method.

This year BYREDO celebrates their 10 year’s anniversary! I can’t quite believe it has been that long since I first spotted the bottles back home. As it so happens, the brand is Swedish although Ben himself, a native Swede, grew up in Toronto, NYC and Stockholm.

To mark the 10 years, a limited edition fragrance has been launched and when I heard about this, my first reaction was: OMG they are PR geniuses! 

The new fragrances is simply called BYREDO Unnamed. It comes in the iconic bottle with the rounded black top, but with a blank, white label. In the package, all customers also get a kit of letters and the idea is for each and every one of us to name our perfumes as we wishes! According to our senses and mood, to what the scent reminds us of, as a free interpretation where there are no boundaries what so ever.

It is so freaking brilliant! 

You see this right! Social media will explode with variations of BYREDO Unnamed  and the brand will continue to unanimously deliver.

My second thought of the perfume itself was, that I will most probably love it. It’s so clean and basic with a top note of Pink Pepper and Gin Accord, a warm heart of Orris Stem and Lush Violet and the base holding TreeMoss and FirBalsam. They had me at Lush Violet. I am crazy for the note and can’t imagine that this fragrance will disappoint me.

Congratulations are in order, I hope that BYREDO will continue to create their magic for another 10 years ♥

  1. This is absolute genius! I never see Byredo on insta- well very rarely anyway and now I bet it’s all over it!! Such a fab concept – I can’t wait to get to store and check it out!
    Brilliant post! Thanks for sharing
    Lisa xx xx

    1. Lisa!! wohoo, so amazing to see you in here! Yes, to be fair I think they have the most boring instagram account and when I see BYREDO in our community it’s mostly in all of these fantastic flatlays. Anyway, they are celebrating 10 years and that’s kind of cool! The concept is fabulastic and I hope it will render a lot of buzz on social media. Kisses from Dubai sweetie. xoxox M

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