Commodity to Dubai!

With a new year beginning there’s this feeling in the air: everyone is looking for change, whether it be large-scale or something small. Some believe in new year’s resolutions, other simply go out in search for  that something special to kick-start the new year with.

I’m the latter. I start with the small pieces and work my way forward. For 2019 I need a new scent wardrobe and I’m incredibly pleased and excited to finally see London-based fine fragrance and lifestyle brand Commodity finding their way to our UAE market.

The founder of Commodity, Ash Huzenlaub might be somewhat of a “black sheep” in the industry as his visions for the brand differs from other fine fragrance establishments. By employing a team of passionate artisans working together with highly accomplished entrepreneurs, each new bottle of Eau de Parfum has its own creator. Commodity praise themselves for being cruelty-free, Sustainably Sourced and Environmental Friendly, all of which most definitely adds to That Luxurious Feeling. Divided into three different collections, the unisex perfume library ensures that there will be something for everyone.

First out: the Platinum Collection.

With key words like Rich, Indulgent and Luxurious this collection frequently uses Vetiver and Patchouli in the creations. As commodity is known for being cruelty-free it is indeed interesting that one of the perfumes in the Platinum Collection; “Leather” encapsulates the luxurious scent of fine leather (new car) without using any animalistic raw-material.  The other two bottles in the collection; “Tonka” and “Bergamot” appears to be each others opposites, one warm and deep with a sweet undertone while the other is crisp with green notes.

The Black Collection is probably my personal favourite. Described as Dark, Complex and Mysterious it really shouldn’t appear to me at all! But somehow, these three bottles works very well to enhance and underline my persona. The first perfume I ever tried by Commodity was “Book”. I admit: I’m a bookworm and the name spoke to me. (All of the perfumes have unisex, genderfree single names to keep in line with the brand’s simplistic design). On social media, “Book” has become a bit of an Instagram-darling; often compared to Le Labo’s “Santal 33”. I find that it is one of those compositions that you either hate or love. My next visit to the brand will be “Wool” as I can’t wait to try it on my skin. Described to be that scent of stealing your boyfriend’s cologne it is almost as sexy as wearing a men’s shirt around the house. I suspect I will enjoy the blend a lot.

For the final collection, named White, the company has created three fragrances lighter and more green than the others. With key-words as Bright, Fresh and Uplifting this collection should technically be my cup of tea. I usually land on those notes that are sparkling and sporty. It is not a coincidence that my living room smell of Diptyque “Mimosa” and I can’t wait to try the one by Commodity to compare notes.

For over a year now I’ve been waiting for the brand to launch in Dubai. What speaks to me is the ethics and artistic spirit behind the brand and the clean, crisp look and design. It feels almost Scandinavian. I must say though, that in terms of silage and longevity, I would compare it to Jo Malone. The perfumes needs to be re-applied during the day; at least on my skin and in this warmer climate. I don’t mind it as I prefer this over those overpowering scents that greets people even before the person enters the room!

What are your experiences with Commodity? Drop a comment here or at Instagram @thatluxuriousfeeling. I’m dying to know which one I should try out next.

Much love and Happy New 2019 ♥

    1. Sweetie! sorry for late reply, my comment function is living its own life 🙁 YES, there are just soo many of them I’d like to own. And the candles…..and soaps…oh! xxxx

    1. OMG Rich it’s not often I can say that I enjoy pretty much every bottle in a brand! Commodity makes everything right, they totally slay! You must give them a go. Love always, M

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