Diptyque Heritage for in- and outdoor luxury

Picture: property of Diptyque 

The funny thing with today’s Diptyque fabless is that it has become somewhat of an icon or “must have” to signal that you are part of a certain group on Instagram or have your things together when it comes to interior design. I would say, that today, if I see someone posting a flatlay or an inspirational picture on social media where there is a Diptyque candle featured (or why not an empty glass vessel with the characteristic medallion at the front, filled with pretty things) I just know that the same account will most probably also  feature other status symbols like BYREDO, CHANEL, Marc Jacobs etc. Products that photographs well and look great together.

Today, I believe many associate Diptyque with something contemporary and super luxurious. Clean lines and monochromatic beauty.

This is interesting, because you see, when the company was founded it was three friends, all artistic and even bohemic souls that set up their first store, located on 34 Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris. The store was filled with textiles and decorated wallpapers and soon became very popular. The brand got famous for their distinctive patterns and colours, far away from today’s chic concept featured on Instagram.

In 1963, Diptyque started to produce their very first candles. They where anxious to add focus on pure craftsmanship, of the concept of “handmade” and to only work with the finest vaxes and raw-materials.  Many are the perfumers who have created new blends for the House’s now extensive candle collection and to celebrate Diptyque 50th Anniversary, a collection called 34 was launched. The 34 candle was created to encapsulate the scent that was present in that very first store back on 34 Boulevard Saint Germain. 

Described as not female, nor male in fragrance, the candle is a wonderful blend of green notes and spicy accords. Housed in an embossed, handmade porcelain vessel made by Virebent Pottery, you’ll find only the highest blend of vaxes, specifically amalgamated and assessed both hot and cold by the company’s vax experts.

The new, super large 1500g candle is made to be used both in- and outdoor! With an intoxicating blend of Damp mosses, Crumpled Blackcurrant leaves and Sun-dried Fig it is perfect as a centre piece on your outdoor seating area. Cuddle up under blankets and enjoy the beautiful light and scent that the candle sparks while having a cozy evening on the patio or balcony.

If the original candles by the brand are luxurious I can tell you; these magnum candles are certainly at the top of my wish list!  The stylish monochromatic theme may be there, but the scent and the soul is still what Diptyque has always been about. The entire 34-collection is a tribute to the company’s heritage and especially the textiles takes us all back to the company’s artistic core. I say: YES PLEASE! ♥

    1. Hello Kirsten and Welcome to That Luxurious Feeling! I’m very happy to read that you enjoyed the post, it really means a lot to me. Thank you so much. I have loved Diptyque for a very long time and seen the company’s progression. It will for ever be in my hear and my home. Kisses, M

    1. Rich, what can I say. Diptyque may have been more “commercial” due to social media and its large popularity on blogs, but it will always have a prominent place in my heart. I can’t imagine my home without the brand. The outdoor candles are simply divine. xoxo M

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