Diptyque Roses for Valentine’s – Groundbreaking ;)

With only a couple of days left before Valentine’s Day I’m proud to say that I’ve skillfully avoided all of the cutie-pie collections that’s been released. However: Diptyque Valentine 2019 is a completely different ballgame. I do have a soft spot!


I’ve always loved Valentine’s because I’m romantic at heart – I firmly believe that the world needs more passion and love. Although being called a “Hallmark Holiday” there are so many ways to show love other than to purchase silly things and to have a very special day to show affection will always be a winner in my book. I think mean; Valentine’s is not reserved for lovey-dovey couples! I shower it as easily over my friends and family and it feels great!


One  thing about me that most people know: I don’t like to receive flowers (my naughty cat eats them) and I’m not into sweets so don’t bother bringing me chocolate. I do, however, LOVE fragrances and candles and as it so happens; the original Diptyque Eau Rose Perfume is by far my most worn scent. My signature scent if you will.  With that in mind, it’s pure luxury that the Maison releases their yearly, limited edition Valentine’s Collection to always center around roses. 

For Valentine’s Day 2019 Diptyque Rose Collection tells the tale of two of our most beloved roses: Centefolia and Damascena Rose. Both are iconic perfumery roses with different temperaments and dimensions. As a rose-lover I was intrigued to find out what this years blends would look like.

Packaging first! The extraordinary beautiful sketches on the boxes and paired with the delicate brand design is created by French illustrator Jeanne Detallante. I enjoy the fact that her illustrations are not too cute and pretty. They feel unisex even with the bright colors and flowery theme. Quite an accomplishment.

The vessels, frosted glass jars featured the classic Maison’s emblem makes the light go dim and sensual. I love the frosted finish even though its much more delicate than the original clear glass that Diptyque are known for.

Centefolia Rose

Also know as May Rose as the petals are only harvested in May in Grasse, these soft fresh pink flowers grow with numerous petals, hence its name which translates to “Roses with hundred petals). The Maison describe the blend of fragrance as green, delicate and slightly peppery” – I most definitely recognize the pepper notes but still, I find this one to be my favorite out of the two limited edition candles. It is bursting with rose scent, vivid and full of expectations. It is a sexy candle, no doubt about it! I prefer to burn it while taking a bath. The dark purple vessel also look good in my bathroom.

Damascena Rose

The second candle in the 2019 Valentine’s Day Collection is housed in the most stunning hot fuchsia pink frosted glass jar with orange ornaments. When I first spotted this one via the press release I knew I needed it. This is my sixth year of collecting the Valentine’s candles so I had high hopes for the Damascena Rose. Interestingly enough, although the design is amazing, this is my least favorite out of all my rose candles. Damask rose, Turkish rose, Bulgarian rose…call it what you like but the scent is warm, distinct and intense. These roses bloom with small flowers in bunches with a warm pink color and golden heart. Diptyque describes the scent as velvety, intense with honeyed accents – but to me it is simply just too much. It filled my entire bedroom within minutes of lighting it up!

I’ll stick to admiring this baby as an interior design accessory as the vessel itself is amazingly pretty.

Also part of the limited edition collection you’ll find the beautiful scented oval, embedded in Detallante’s artwork. A beautiful gift for someone you like – or why not yourself?!

All in all, the collection is a staple in my collection. As an avid supporter of the Maison I will always wait with anticipation for Valentine’s Day. ♥

Love, M

  1. I was dying at this heading hahahah! Omg, YES, ‘a hallmark holiday’ describes it perfectly!
    I too said in a recent blog post just the same; Valentines is most definitely a retail party and every day should be a day for showing anyone you care for love, not just the 14th. I always tell someone I love them every day … especially Louis! 😉🐶

    Regardless though, a Diptique candle is ideal at any time and their February editions are always amazing. I am still gutted I missed out not he Rose Violette as that had my name al over it.

    Lots of love honey! – Kelly xxx

    1. Hahahaha Hiiii Sweetheart! I love that I can make you laugh – not everyone understands my sense of humor lol. Everytime I light the Rose Violette candle I think of you lol, I don’t know what happened there; how did you miss out?! Love you sis! X, M

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