Hervé Gambs Pink Evidence

All beauty collectors out there, listen up! When Mr. Hervé GAMBS, the Artistic Director and Fabric Floral design initiator behind the self titled fragrance house of Hervé Gambs Paris 1989 launches a new scent, we can pretty much count on it being fun, artistic, sensual and avant garde. My fascination with this man lies in the fact that he seem to know how women works. A huge role model for his entire brand has always been his mother, whom I imagine as an elegant and interesting woman, judging by the perfumes created by the brand. The new Pink Evidence – Cologne Intense won’t disappoint you with its nod to the powdery femininity of the the 19th century. Hervé GAMBS wanted to create a scent that reminds us of the fragrance of lipsticks, the utterly sensual sent of a powder boudoir. You know, the way truly luxurious makeup smell like!

I find it completely fabulous, being the makeup collector that I am. Filled with zesty yuzu and hawthorn, fresh and alluring jasmine and  ylang ylang and based on decadent notes of violet and iris I can’t tell you how much the brand really has hit the mark with this one. It goes straight up on my birthday wish list. After all, turning 35 might actually not be such a bad deal. ♥

Pictures: www.hervegambs.fr/shop      
    1. Beautiful friend! I had the pleasure of sitting down with Hervé for an interview and it was fabulous! I had to email him some additional questions because I think we both got completely carried away when discussing his brand. I’m very happy with the four scents I’ve tried. Can’t wait to show you the bottle currently sitting on my desk top :). Kisses, M

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