Modern Muse is for Modern Ladies

When I think of the woman Estee Lauder, “modern” is not the first word that comes to mind. I rather think of “classic, sophisticated, consistent, intelligent”. As others might have movie stars or athletes to look up to, I’ve had the formidable women who more or less founded what it today’s beauty industry as my role models. Estee herself of course being at the top of the list, in good company (or competition) with Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein.

When I think of the company Estee Lauder Co. I have seen a huge transformation happening over the last four years or so. I have always own the makeup and some of the skincare items, like the ANR will for ever have a prominent place in my routines. But fragrance wise, something new is cooking, and has been for a while now…

About a year ago, I listed Estee Lauder’s iconic perfume Pleasures on my Unsung Heroes list. It was my very first high-end fragrance and I was 14 when I got it. I’m talking about the original Pleasures, released back in 1995 and filled with Lilies, Peonies and Jasmine. It was love at first sniff and still to this day I worship it and all the memories the scent evokes.

But then something happened. Sure, the company released a number of fragrances to follow, but none of them really felt like me. Either, they were way too “perfumed” or just not as elegant and fresh as my Pleasures. I can’t speak for the company but it feels like they also realised that something needed to be done.

In 2013, Estee Lauder decided to amp it up a bit and release a NEW fragrance with the intention of becoming a series and breath new life into the fragrance collection as a whole. The original Modern Muse was born, quickly followed by Modern Muse Chic in 2014 and Modern Muse Le Rouge in September 2015. In interviews, Aerin Lauder, the Style & Image Director of the company has in several interviews expressed how much the new fragrances have meant to the company’s updated image as more modern and chic.

Today, in 2016, yet another bottle to the series is being launched:

Modern Muse Eau de Rouge. As a part of a ROUGE makeup collection it is the newest fragrance by the company and recognisable on it’s pink, see-through ribbon.

The whole idea is to wear a scent created for the modern woman. She is glamorous and a bit provocative, she knows her worth and is confident in herself. She might be a business woman, a wife, a mother, a grandmother; just as Estee Lauder herself. It is not about age, but about mindset. The Modern Muse Eau de Rouge speaks confidence and independence.

First of all, look at the design of the bottle. The tall, sleek silhouette is there to mimic the women standing tall and beautiful, but if you look closer, you’ll see that the edges are rounded. It’s to show us that we can be smooth and soft, we don’t need to have sharp corners to be heard or seen. A modern woman knowns how to be both.

The gorgeous cap is my all time favourite and is a tribute to the late Estee, she loved bowties and out of all four bottles and their different shades of bows, this pink one goes straight to my heart!

Over to the actual scent; described as a “floral, woody musk”:

with top notes of Pink pepper, Rose, Green notes, Currant buds and Raspberry, it is very flirty and red. Like the name itself. What I love the very most is the raspberries. To create berry-notes without making them smell artificial is a really advanced technique and you need to know your craftsmanship. Floral notes are always easier to produce. The Raspberry lingers on my skin like something very precious and almost velvety.

In the heart, the fragrance holds Rose, Jasmine and Magnolia; all known to be highly floral and sensual. They are strong notes, but not overpowering since the green top notes takes them down a notch and makes it fresh. It is very modern, you won’t risk of smelling like an old lady. The base notes of Vanilla, Ambrette (musk mallow) Woody notes and Vetiver are what gives the scent strength and credibility. It gives the blend some mystery and pois. Just like I would imagine a modern women to be.

Estee herself had a special room in her Hampton’s estate which were and is still overlooking a rose garden. She obviously enjoyed the scent and I enjoy the fact that the company have valued that in their new fragrance line.

On my skin, this scent is a bit of a gemstone, it reflects the light. If I wear it inside for meetings or shopping, it is very floral and light, but as soon as I step outside and the sun (or heat for that matter) touches the skin, then the fragrance goes more warm and berry-like. I can detect the Vetiver and woody tones in an instant. It’s almost like wearing two different perfumes!

I’m very impressed by this scent and the wonderful bottle is very much to my taste, even though I can tell you it’s not all that travel friendly because of the delicate bow, and the fact that it doesn’t wear a cap, so if pressure is added to the top, well, then you’ll get some perfume spritzed all over.

Still, this is one of the best (commercial) fragrances I’ve tried in a very long time. I have used it a lot since I got it, and the scent lingers on for a long time which I really appreciate. ♥


Product provided for review consideration, courtesy of Estee lauder Middle East

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