Nuit et Confidences – Annick Goutal dresses us Night Owls

It all started last year when the French fragrance house of Annick Goutal teamed up with perfumer Mathieu Nardin to create a complete new collection, far from what we had previously seen by the brand. Out came the ‘Oiseaux de Nuit’ collection with its very first perfume Tenue de Soiree. Luring us into a night out in Paris where only the inner circle got to play and the setting reeked of decadence, the fragrance, filled with Iris and Patchouly would accompany us as we prepared us for the night. Lush vanities, sequin dresses, maybe feathers and pompoms; unquestionably rows of pearls and sharp heels. If Tenue de Soiree felt like foreplay to you, it all makes sense when now, 2017 Annick Goutal follows up by introducing perfume number two in the collection. Let me introduce to you:

Nuit et Confidences.

The tale continues as soon as you dress yourself in this warm, sensual and sensational Eau de Parfum. At the first sniff you’ll find uplifting and sparkling Bergamot paired with Black Pepper. You’ll be the centre of attention as you enter the exclusive night club. In the heart of the perfume Tonka Beans, Frankincense and White flowers matches the sweetness of the air, the promise of a full night out in the glittering luxurious capital of Beauty. With its nod to something more oriental, it still feels “light” and European. I’m amazed how well the House of Annick Goutal has managed to make a sweet, musky, warm and sexy perfume without adding that heaviness that sometimes comes with it. it is not. It is light but holds longevity – exactly like yourself when you are swirling around on the dance floor util sunrise.

At the base there is Vanilla and White Musk; both huge favourites of mine and especially the musk reminds me of my mother who used to love wearing some drops of White Musk oil. For those who feel scared of the Vanilla and Tonka Bean being way too sweet, rest assured that the Bergamot will take the edge of the “problem”. This is an utterly sensual, feminine fragrance made for those very special nights (although I’ve been wearing it 24/7). It is beautiful and it makes me feel beautiful and special as well.

As with the first fragrance, Nuit et Confidences is housed in a clean heavy glass bottle with faded indigo shade and a rounded cap. Annick Goutal wanted to add something special to the design and had the Tenue de Soiree all dressed up in a purple pompom with fur effect. For this year’s edition the pompom is made out of a silky and creased material; to be honest i preferred the previous design as it felt more lush and eye catching. The golden little charm with the House’s initials is a wonderful contribution to the look. There are so many fantastic bottle designs sitting out on the shelves right now, but I believe that the ‘Oiseaux de Nuit’ collection will stand out with its sophisticated yet clean design. It is one of those items that you want to wear as much as decorate your coffee table or vanity with!

I don’t know about you, but for me, this will be what I’ll be wearing for christmas. Now, I just need to find the perfect sequin dress and sharp heels to go with the ensemble. ♥


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    1. Dear Rich! YES I think the house of AG did such a great job with this new, glam collection. It is like a story in itself and very sexy. I hope it will sell well here in UAE as it is quite different from the usual oriental notes. Much needed, in my opinion. xoxo M

  1. This looks like a mysterious fragrance to me and I LOVE that. You always capture a certain emotion when you photograph fragrances so I rely on your posts to make choices! I have definitely branched out from white florals which were my safe choice. Now, I’m experimenting with much more! So exciting!

    1. Lovely Janine!! I just smile when I see your comments on here, because I trust your knowledge and passion for the beauty industry. I have only started my fragrance journey and so far it is simply wonderful! I try to be more bold and curious and I know it is an expensive “hobby” where you can’t buy everything you wish to have. But AG truly did great with this collection, I love both this perfume as well as the one they released last year! xx, M

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