Sunny days are better with SHAY & BLUE Dandelion Fig

April has arrived and with living in Dubai, that means summer is coming for us – not entirely a positive thing! Reading all of my fellow perfume writer’s articles tells me that most seem to organise their fragrance collection after the seasons. I might have done that in the past, but as we only got hot or hotter climate to choose from here, I no longer say that any scent belong to fall or winter: I try to use them all when the mood is right.

As a child, growing up in a house with garden I had a mother who was very proud of keeping our home neat and cared for. I think we must have had the most trimmed lawn ever and all flower arrangements alway looked perfect. I have absolutely no green fingers what so ever but I loved seeing mum care for our garden. Dandelions where our worst enemy and my pocket money!

These round bright yellow flowers with their bitter scent and sticky stems are considered to be weeds (even though they light up the whole lawn) and they spread with the wind as soon as you blink. Mum didn’t really care for those weeds ruining the lawn so I spent a good part of my childhood with a sharp tool in my hand, digging them up by the roots and leaving a green, perfect garden behind me. Oh, the satisfaction! I loved it. It was almost as squeezing zits: gone be the imperfections and left is flawlessness.

When I heard that my wonderful niche perfumery SHAY & BLUE where about to release a perfume with Dandelions I almost fainted. I knew I had to have it. A perfume with my childhood weeds? What on earth would that look like?

First of all: packaging. The founder of SHAY & BLUE Mr. Dom De Vetta, a giant in the business of perfume with a career at both CHANEL and Jo Malone, started his own boutique perfumery in London back in 2012. The mission was to create products with a hands-on approach and with that, all ingredients are hand-harvested, hand-picked, carefully sourced and then hand-poured into the bottles when the scent is ready. I’ve read somewhere that the name comes from his Grandmother and the love for everything blue; true or not you’ll see the blue theme in everything from boxes, bags, bottles, ribbons and the boutique’s interior. It is masculine with a feminine twist, very fresh and clean. No frills. British and direct. I love it! For additional SHAY & BLUE articles, read here.

All of SHAY & BLUEs fragrances and candles are born out of a partnership between Mr. Dom and his nose Ms. Julie Massé. As I’ve written before, Julie completely fascinates me with her passion, background, education and unique approach to the business. Being a young woman with so many creations under her belt, she is absolutely set for success. I believe this is the secret behind the brand: these two seem to work so seamlessly together with a clear and common goal: to produce unique fragrances without making them too complicated. Rather than having 10 different notes in the bottle, they are always special and artistic with a call for nature. I mean…Dandelion?

Everytime a new, blue bottle lands on my desk I seem to write the same thing: THIS is my favourite. I don’t feel ashamed of it. It’s the truth and it makes me wonder if my own progression with scents simply follows the same curve as Julie’s hahaha. This is the thing: each and every new perfume seem to be better and brighter, smarter and more sophisticated without ever leaning on notes of mass-produced scents.

Dandelion Fig is a born natural if you have the need to pick a “summer fragrance”. This is summer in a bottle, outdoor, newly cut grass and barbecue, sunset and a cold gin and tonic. Something like that.

For top notes you’ll find Dandelion, Green Notes and Lemon Grass. All of them giving a bitter and zingy kick to the perfume but at the same time making it green and fresh, light and unisex.

In it’s heart there are Tomato vine leafs and Juniper berries. I’m not a fan of tomato leaves as they have the same scent as basil and I’m allergic to basil, but for this scent all I can detect is the Juniper and my own need for a drink. I see myself sitting outside in a loose, white linen dress, braids and sunglasses, wearing Dandelion Fig as only accessory while zipping away. Not a bad feeling!

Down at the base of the perfume you’ll find Fig. Almost warm and earthy, a little bit sweet and dark it anchors the scent to stay on your skin as the sun sets. Without it, the perfume would be a typical green day-scent but the mix makes it so much more without being heavy or complicated. It is unusual in the most delightful way and a must-have summer fragrance for anyone who will attend an outdoor party anytime soon.

SHAY & BLUE always makes my job so easy to do as they never seem to fail, their attention to details and customer service is outstanding and the bottles a fragrance collectors dream. I enjoy the fact that they all look the same; sitting in my collection they certainly draw attention with their clear turquoise shade and exquisite label. If you have a trip to London coming up (as you should) I really recommend you to visit the elegant boutique and get familiar with the range. There are many perfumers out there but not many with the combined knowledge, history, education and heart as you’ll find here.

It’s unique.♥


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    1. Hahahaha, OMG Rich I know I shouldn’t just write exactly what I think! But we all know the satisfaction ;). It is a really cool mix, not too complicated and very unisex. I already know I will repurchase this one! xoxox, M

    1. Dear Sandra, I’m so very thankful for you taking the time to read and leave me a comment! It means a lot and made me find your IG feed as well :). xoxo, M

  1. I’ve been thinking of blind buying Dandelion and Fig (The perils of following parfumista’s on Instagram!) I’ve just read your article and thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Entertaining, humorous and very informative!
    Kind regards,
    David (aka shaveydavie)

    1. Hello Dear David!! Seeing your comment here made me smile. It’s very lovely of you to read and comment…and as I’ve said: to understand my weird sense of humour! I haven’t met a single S&B scent that I didn’t enjoy but this one is the lightest and easiest one to wear for the summer! Kisses sweetie! xoxo, M

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