Time to feel Royal with Diptyque Rose Delight

With the work I do, I find myself very privileged in the way that I kindly receive some products for review consideration. I always disclose these! However, this doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped purchasing my own beauty products. Oh no! I love the entire process of shopping for beauty related stuff and would be devastated if being deprived from that small luxurious joy of walking the beauty floors, browsing sites or sniffing my way in niche boutiques. It is me, my soul and heart and even though I fully appreciate the products I’m gifted, there will always be something extra special about the things I find all on my own.

Being the control freak that I am, I add every single beauty purchase into a spreadsheet as I like to keep track not only of my spending habits but also where I spend my money. During 2015-2017 Diptyque was the clear winner. It came as no surprise really; I use everything in their range from candles and perfumes to diffusers and skincare. Even our cars are kitted with individual Diptyque scents!

Every year, in time for Valentine’s Day (14th of February for those who need a gentle reminder) the fragrance house releases a small limited edition collection to honour the occasion. It has become a bit of a collector dream as everyone well invested in their candle shopping notoriously pick up these candles to add to the every growing collection. Yours truly included.

As far as gifting goes, I don’t believe there are many other brands that would beat Diptyque which makes them perfect for Valentine’s. Their characteristic gift-wrapping made up of several sheets of the thinnest foil of paper gives us the essence of luxurious feeling and the bittersweet fact that it is completely impossible to unwrap these goodies without ruining the paper makes my heart ache. Nevertheless it is something so decadent and Royal with a gift that will only look this beautiful as long as it remains untouched…

The 2018 collection is called Rose Delight and as usual; I’m smitten. These collections always features some version of rose scented treats and I find it so marvellous how many shades and notes there are in the rose-spectrum. Be mindful never to say that you don’t care for rose – the combinations are endless and they vary from light and chic via powdery and spicy all the way to old-granny scents.

Now, for Rose Delight Diptyque has drawn inspiration from Turkish Delight, the small centuries old treat from the banks of Bosphorus that lovers exchanged to each other. I happen to be a huge lover of the sweets (my husband is quite puzzled by it) and the candle smells the way that the candy tastes. 

With its clear notes of sparkling rose, sweet drops of rich honey and lively zest of lemon this collection is something new to me. I’ve never smelled rose this way; it is sweet without being sweet, fruity without being too zesty while holding a very clear, vibrant and fresh note of roses. For someone who wears the original Eau Rose by Diptyque as a signature scent, you can imagine my delight (!) with this amazing candle. In fact, I had to purchase duplicates (they come in a regular and a mini size).

I’m usually mindful of actually burning my limited edition candles as I want to save them for my collection, but as we all loved the scent so much, one of these beauties are now sat on our living room table. The scent lingers and seduces.

For the artwork, Diptyque always commissions interesting artists and this time is no exception. French beautiful and überchic designer, illustrator and AD Leslie David takes us back to Versailles and the cotton fabrics filled with printed patterns of French toile de Jouy. If you look closely to the artwork you’ll find oriental Middle East combined with pictures of Aristocratic activities. Once again, the entire feeling is utterly feminine and Royal. What I particularly like about the collection this year is that it is divided into two groups of shades: the candles, drawer linings and scented ovals are all wrapped in this beautiful powdery light pink, very suitable for the scent and the occasion; while the hair mist, body products and hand lotion features the same print but in the most delicate of cold lavender. I’m obsessed with it and a little thrilled that it fits the Pantone colour of the year 2018 so well! Who doesn’t like a bit of Ultra Violet? By the way. if you’re unfamiliar with Leslie David I can assure you that’s not the case! Award wining for her prints and branding, she was the woman behind the artwork and invitations for CHANEL Chance and the mother of the G-icon for Glossier!

I ended up purchasing different parts of the collection, the hair mist may need its own post. The only thing missing is that the house creates such a fantastic blend of notes and only make it into candles. I want a perfume the smell of Rose Delight so badly! Maybe time to start a hashtag and lobby for it?

Go smell and purchase this beauty. The mini candles with their beautiful artwork are the perfect gifts for your girlfriends. ♥

  1. Hello and thanks for this delightful review of the Dyptique scented candle. I find the Turkish delight scent – flavor very appealing and I can imagine my house would always smell great, while the candle is burning or not. Do you ever keep scented candles with the lid off, without burning them? Hugs, have a lovely weekend!

    1. Hello my amazing friend! Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. It is much appreciated. Yes I very rarely keep the lid on and often I don’t burn my LE candles unless I’ve got duplicates for them. This one however, I’ve lit with pleasure 🙂 KISSES, M

  2. Only you can give such an descriptive write up of a candle. I feel like I have smelt it and ready for the plunge.
    Thank you for this well thought out well written review.
    Diptiqye never disappoints.

    1. Beautiful Friend: hahahaha I know, I might be crazy to get so thrilled over a candle!! I just love those times when I have personally picked up my products, been to the store to experience the entire shopping process and then feel that I found something I really really enjoy! Diptyque will forever be in my heart! xx M

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