Valentine’s with Olympia Le-Tan

Each spring, Diptyque launches a limited edition of its famous rose collection. For 2016 this comes very handy as a Valentine’s Day release.

I picked up some pieces already back in January but I’m a bit superstitious! Valentine’s is to me about love for those very close to my heart, like my husband, my family and just a couple of few friends. I felt like screaming out Valentine’s Day way too early would have been to jinks it. I’m always terrified of something bad happening to my loved ones, so I’ve waited to post this entry!

First of all: the collaboration between English born Olympia Le-Tan and our beloved fragrance house needs a presentation! Olympia, who is known for her quirky and playful design is, in my opinion, the perfect pick for a fun and feminine Valentine’s Day collection. The theme is simple: hearts, roses, keys, embroideries and lipsticks paired up with violets, handbags and books. It shall reflect the artist’s love for literature and handcrafts.

As a well known accessories designer, Olympia Le-Tan has learnt her trade at hoses like Chanel and Balmain.

When I first encountered these items, the store hadn’t yet received the full description of the products. We sniffed the candles and my extremely talented sales associate immediately said: “oh it reminds me of my mama, it smells like lipstick”. I looked back at him, thinking “really”?

And as it turned out, he was completely right! Mixed up with the scent of roses are notes of powder and violets, hence the collections title: Rosaviola. This unique mix makes the candles very feminine and cute. The pink theme (from the frosted glass jar via Rosaviola emojis for your iPhone and down to the prints) matches the scent perfectly.

Whenever you purchase an item with Diptyque, you’ll first meet the signature wrapping. Layers of multiple coloured sheets mercifully folded into a pattern. I’ve seen it done and it takes ages to perform! This is Diptyque to me: details, no rush, quality and high standards.

Let’s start with the candles. The packaging is again a flirt with Olympia’s love for handcrafted design. The print on the box reminds us of the structure of canvas, and inside the box is a joyful illustration of red, pink and white, cluttered with small icons.

On the pink glass jar, an embroidered canvas label with an updated version of Diptyque’s original monogram is added, giving the experience a 3D effect. I love the label with it’s cute red lips and girlie colour schedule, but I’m wondering how it will last when the candle has been burnt and it’s time to clean out the jar (as we all do) to re-use it as we see fit? It will be an experience!

To me, the scent doesn’t remind me of lipstick (even though also stated it to be the case) but to a special pastilles that were available when I was a child! These small candies had a very distinct and sweet taste of violet and so it was yet another childhood memory that came to life. Well done, Diptyque!

To be honest, I can’t say that the rose-scent is central for the candles, to me it’s more about the powdery violet but even so,  it is just lovely! I’ve got one of the candles sitting in my beauty shelf behind the desk, and as I’m writing this I can detect the smell ever so slightly.

Then, to my absolute delight, included in the Valentine’s collection is a special edition of one of my all time favourite perfumes: L’eau Rose, upgraded with a new Olympia Le-Tan packaging! I just went bananas!

I wear this fragrance so frequently, it is almost like a signature scent on me. It is not containing any violets even though added to the collection, but it is loaded with Centifolia and Damask Roses, Lychee, Bergamot, Cedar and Musk. It is completely feminine but not overwhelming or sweet. When I wear this scent, I often get nice comments about it being so fresh and yet sensual. It smells woman, not girlie roses.

As this collection is so very limited, I absolutely think it’s well worth investing in. The candles are a bit of a splurge, and although I personally love the scent and got childhood connections to it, I think it’s wise to smell it before you buy it. Not everyone enjoy violets so it’s wise to try it out.

For the classic perfume, I think it’s a wonderful gift as you get the collaborated design of Olympia’s, but once the bottle is finished you can still return to Diptyque to purchase a second one, as L’eau Rose is a part of their original collection. Sure, in the beauty community we often go crazy about limited items, but I especially enjoy those items that you can purchase and re-purchase, making them iconic, unsung heroes of your stash! Either way, it’s a lovely, fun and playful collection ♥

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