When GUCCI takes it to a new level

It was right after the World War II, that the House of GUCCI launched its now iconic line of handbags, featuring an exotic bamboo handle. If you google pictures of celebrities and politician’s wives from the next three decades, you’ll see them all wearing the GUCCI bamboo bags: an early “It-bag” if you will.

Fast forward to 2015 and the House decides to launch a fragrance to accent the collection of accessories: entering the pale pink luxury of GUCCI Bamboo. I remember the ads as feminine and lush but to be honest, I never even went to try the perfume. Back then, I associated it with a “lady scent”, a little bit old fashioned and well, mainstream. I know it got hugely popular amongst women of all ages and it was seen on all beauty department floors. I took notice and moved on.

Then, early this year of 2017, the Creative Director of GUCCI Alessandro Michele suddenly decided to recreate the perfume. Out came GUCCI Bamboo Limited Edition. I don’t wan’t to be a fragrance snob, but when something is limited I seem to be more interested!

On its new dusty pink packaging came a delicate artwork of bamboo and birds. I took one look at it and transported myself to the luxurious tea rooms with satin wallpapers of exotic birds and flowers. Ladies going for afternoon tea or a drink.

The bottle, a masterpiece in art deco style holds a silver bamboo cap but most eye-catching was no doubt the new, deep pink jewel shade. Suddenly, the perfume felt more hip and fresh. As if the refined elegance got a little extra umpf! 

GUCCI Bamboo Limited Edition is an Eau de Parfum and comes in one size only: 50ml. If you’re looking for a fragrance that will leave an impression, this is not for you. I find the scent to be very long lasting, but also smooth, powdery, fresh and quite anonymous. That might sound negative, but actually I mean it in the most positive way. With its floral feminine and citrusy notes, it could easily be mistaken for a wonderful body product – as if you were not wearing any perfume at all. It is discreet and elegant, very suitable for those environments where a strong perfume is not recommended.

First, the nose meets Italian Bergamot. It doesn’t linger for long before the heart of the fragrance reveal itself. Filled with Casablanca Lily, Ylang-Ylang and Orange Blossom the white flower notes are prominent and those who will linger for some time. The base of the perfume gives it a little more weight, carrying Ambergris, Sandalwood and Tahitian Vanilla. As I have a thing for Sandalwood I knew that the scent would work for me.

I recently had the luxury of meeting with GUCCI’s International Makeup Artist Aaron Smith Henrikson for a one-on-one consultation. When you prepare yourself to get a makeover from the man who personally created the looks for Madonna and her Rebel Heart Tour and loads of other magazine covers with the star, you tend to get a little bit nervous! But let me tell you, I need to give this experience it’s own article because this man is nothing but smart, incredibly talented and down to earth!

It was during our meeting that I was presented to the new limited edition perfume and I might just add that me being completely star struck probably added to the instant love for the bottle and scent! I’m only human…

I recommend you to try it out if you pass by a GUCCI counter. I thought it was just one of all the super commercial fragrances but as it turns out, it is a lovely and elegant scent for the modern and discreet woman who knows how to accessorise to perfection. ♥

    1. Hi Darling! Yes I was pleasantly surprised, and judging by the comments on my IG, this perfume seems very popular and well loved. I need to work on the “fragrance snob” version of me…xx, M

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