When life gives you Grapefruits

My first ever encounter with Perfume House Jo Malone was this small bottle of Grapefruit Cologne. I usually tend to purchase the mid-size bottles as I like to mix it up a lot when it comes to fragrances and rather have two scents to layer than one single, full size bottle.

Grapefruit Cologne was created back in 1992 by Jo Malone herself, this before she evidently sold the company and started Jo Loves.

Anyways. It’s an oldie but goodie. At least to me. I’ve come to understand that this particular scent divides the audience into two groups:either you love it or you simply cant wear it. With top notes of grapefruit and tangerine and heart notes of rosemary, mint, paprika and jasmine I can easily understand why some find this scent to me confusing. If you are looking for a regular citrusy flavour, then this is not the perfect choice!

Base notes of vetiver, patchouli and oakmoss makes it almost masculine, it is distinctive and warm but still bright and elegant. I have a thing for perfumes that can be described as unisex, I like it a bit rough (sorry for the picture) and feel that this scent works great on my skin.

Unfortunately, as with all Jo Malone colognes, the lasting power has a bit to wish for. I would love for it to stay for a full day, but not even layered it does. It is beautiful while it last!

I’m on my second bottle of this particular one and often feel like I prefer the old, classic Jo Malone scents over the new releases. It’s nothing wrong with that, in the beauty industry it’s all about the latest collection but I love to hold on to products and re-purchase them time and time again. It is comforting with signature scents and I’v got mine by Chanel, Diptyque, Byredo as well as Jo Malone.

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