XERJOFF Casamorati 1888 brings us to the Amalfi Coast

For the last ten years or so, Italian niche fragrance house XERJOFF has allured us with their multiple lines of fine perfumes. The founder, Mr. Sergio Momo has in several interviews described his House as an “Umbrella Company” as it houses several brands in its portfolio.

One of these brands is Casamorati 1888. As the story behind the brand itself is quite fascinating and definitely sets the tone for what the line stands for, I hope you’ll take a moment to read my Brand Presentation which I wrote last year, before you’ll dive into this article.

Now, for January 2017 the house is releasing yet another fragrance and it so happens to be that, for the first three months of sale, the bottle is exclusively available to the XERJOFF Store in The Dubai Mall here in Dubai! This strategy is not new for the brand; we’ve seen them introducing a new fragrance by picking one of their top locations before, last year it was Harvey Nichols in London.

I enjoy Niche perfumery a lot – I’ve made it my point to learn and study as much as I can to understand the industry and difference between commercially produced fragrances and niche perfumery. I’m not a snob; I can’t afford all the bottles I wish I could have and I actually pretty much like a lot of the perfumes available on the department beauty floor. I wear them daily and I mix and match. The same as with my wardrobe – I like to keep things diverse and interesting!

As it happens, one of my closest friends is also my much beloved teacher when it comes to developing my knowledge about the industry. He’s been with several brands over the years and holds a wast network to some of the most exquisite brands on the global scene. Now, being the Brand Manager for XERJOFF to the Middle East Market, it comes as no surprise that I turned to Mr. Ivan Siarbolin to get a full introduction to the new, super exclusive Casamorati 1888 perfume! I like it this way: not the PR information but to be schooled by someone who live and breath perfume.

The new scent, Casamorati 1888 Dolce Amalfi takes us straight to the blue and golden coastal line of Italy. The Amalfi coast with all of its small villages and serpentine roads.

We start with what actually meets the eye: the bottle design. Bright yellow, it makes me think of Sicilian lemons (although these are not present in the scent itself) and the blue emblem gives away a maritime nod to the glittering ocean. Always decorated with the signature tassel and pointy cap, we see the helmet of ancient warriors. At the centre of the bottle rests the Mouth of Truth. The first time I ever saw the bottle design I must admit it was a little bit too much for my Scandinavian heart but as soon as I got to learn about the history behind each element, it all made sense to me. This is what I respect about niche perfumery; it is all in the details, the old-fashioned way of sourcing and producing rare products for the clients. It comes with tales and dramas and takes us on different journeys as we discover the bottle and what’s inside.

Dolce Amalfi is described to be like a walk on these old roads along the coast. The feeling of freedom, of exploring and meeting new people is captured so well. It is said that, when a tourist or visitor enters one of the small villages, the locals greet them with a basket filled with apples. It is tradition and this is where the sensory journey begins.

Top notes of Apple, Quince, Cardamom and Saffron meets you as you apply the perfume. In this stage, I find it to be light and feminine, almost smelling of a cosy kitchen from my childhood, whenever mom baked apple crumble pies. This is something so interesting with the scent – don’t let my pictures fool you – it is not a perfume reserved for either female or males. It is a journey and it fits us all.

The Heart of the perfume presents you with Clove Bud, Incense and Tolu Balm. I had to ask, and tolu (like a raisin) is there to add a sweet tone to the spicy elements. Yet, I don’t find the scent to be sweet-sweet. It is simply welcoming.

The walk brings us from morning with its sea view and feminine feeing and over to the late afternoon when the sun starts to sink over the coast and the air and light shifts. The Base notes hits us with its Vanilla, Tonka Beans, Cedarwood Musk and Amber and suddenly my skin smells deep and warm, rich and male. It is simply fantastic, the way the perfume really follows the journey! It is easy to detect – and when the scent sets, it is absolutely fantastic. 

Now you might be thinking “Yeah well, she must love it as it is presented by someone she knows”. This is wrong my friends. Truth to be told, there are a number of fragrances in the line that I don’t understand at all! When I heard that we would get one new addition to the range I got very nervous. What if I would hate it? How would I be able to get myself out of that situation? You all know that That Luxurious Feeling is all about positive reviews and energy. I’m so pleased to be able to present a new fragrance that is so beautiful and warm, so welcoming and seductive that I didn’t want to take a shower that night (I actually waited until the next morning) because I wanted the smell of sea and apples and cedarwood to linger on me for as long time as possible. This also gives you an idea about the quality of all Casamorati 1888 fragrances: they stay on for hours and hours. They don’t come cheap but you get what you pay for and you don’t need to waste any drop of it, the longevity is spectacular.

Between January and March 2017, this 100ml gorgeous yellow bottle of Eau de Parfum can only be sourced here in Dubai before it will hit the global market, so if you’re traveling into town or want to find something very special and unique for Valentine’s Day, this is such a smart gift. I will not call the fragrance unisex; it suits certain women and certain men! It is not for everyone and although the company seem to think of it as romantic that’s not at all how I perceive the notes. I see childhood apple trees and pies, spicy memories of warm christmases (due to the cardamom and saffron) and travels to foreign countries with the musk, vanilla and incense.  It has to be explored!

I’m very curious to whether any of you have tried it yet, or fallen in love with any other fragrance in the range? Let’s discuss it over at Instagram or just leave me a comment below! ♥


Product provided for review consideration 
  1. Thatluxuriousfeeling,
    Thank you very much for this splendid and story-like review of our new Casamorati Dolce Amalfi. Long time ago you already proved to be profound listener, self-researcher, beauty professional, fragrance expert, excellent editor, and intriguing storyteller, and now, after all, you are still unbelievably making it better and better. Your understanding of brand history, heritage, fragrance stories and meanings enliven scent in your hands and writings.
    True art.

    1. My wonderful Ivan. You already know just how much this comment means to me. I love every chance I get for you to educate me in fragrances and ingredients. I appreciate your personality and drive, your passion and high level of knowledge. Thank you so so much. Hug, M

    1. Hahaha I know! Isn’t is fabulous 😉 I’ve actually seen snide comments on Fragrantica made by people who think it’s so bad that they picked Dubai for their pre-launch. I think it’s lovely and daring of the brand! xx, M

  2. I will pick this one up as soon as it is available in the US. Currently I have Mefisto and 1888 which i love. Quality is second to none and the blends are pure art work. I post my Scent of the Day and give my brief thoughts along with many others on the Facebook group Looking, Feeling, Smelling Great. If you are not already a member come and join! I look forward to finding more of your articles.

    1. Alexander, I can only agree with you, and how lovely to connect with someone who loves fragrance as much as I do! Do you also have an Instagram account to follow? Lots of love and thank you so much for reading and commenting! xx, M

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