AVEDA Texture Tonic – loving it all tussled up!

I can clearly remember the moment I heard the expression “beach hair” the first time. Me, not being brought up anywhere near the ocean got to know the particular style when T.I.G.I Bed Head Salty beach Spray launched. I must have been in my early 20s and I loved the interesting effect salt had on my hair. Although I would never say that AVEDA is late to the party, on the contrary, I can still claim that the newly launched Texture Tonic is the styling product that has been missing in the range for quite some time.

Of course, AVEDA would never settle for a salt water spray as any other on the market! Oh no, obviously we can expect more from the company who’s motto is to always care for the world we live in and at the same time be at the front of the fashion and art industry.

This is the texture spray 2.0

What AVEDA had done is to combine a salt spray with a sugar spray! Genius, isn’t it? The product was supposed to work on damp or dry hair, depending on the situation and desired look. Being famous for their “Dry-styling technique” the Texture Tonic came in handy for all the backstage work at NYFW.

When the spray landed in at my office, I wan’t sure what to think of it or how to use it, as my hair goes instantly greasy the minute it even sees a styling product! Luckily I’m fortunate and spoiled enough to visit the AVEDA Flagship Salon here in Dubai at least once a week for a hair wash, massage, sensory journey and a blow dry. With that in mind, I simply grabbed my bottle and strutted off to the salon to let the Pros teach me about the product and how to best use it for my hair.

As mentioned, the spray is built up of Magnesium Sulfate – Epsom Salt or just simply: salt to help contract and compose the hair shaft for a structured texture and then combines with Cane sugar  to give the hair a soft and shiny look without any crunchy stiff feeling. With this spray you are capable of creating “just slept in”-sexy tussled hair or waves that has that gritty beachy look that just makes me feel extra beautiful. The fact that I can now have beach hair that is still shiny is leaves me puzzled but happy.

On my long, full hair the stylist chose to spray it in almost-dry hair and then use the curling iron to create amazing beach waves with straight ends. The tonic is strong enough to hold your locks in place without the need for hair spray. The day after my blow dry my hair still looked full and wavy, but with body and style. The best part: my complicated scalp had not gone greasy on me!

I love that AVEDA is a complete Cruelty Free company, all products are tested on humans and everything from ingredients to packaging have been sourced with the best for our planet in mind. As with all AVEDA products, the Texture Tonic holds its very special scent. The pure-fume™ mix of aromas include organic ginger, ylang-ylang and clary sage which make your hair smell delicious.

Bottom line: I didn’t think I’d like the spray (minding my scalp) and didn’t think I’d need it either (thinking it would be the same as the Volumizing Tonic. Clearly I should never try to be a hair stylist! Luckily I have my AVEDA girls teaching me what’s what; in order for me to teach you! I promise you, you will not be disappointed with your hair after using Texture Tonic. 

Bonus points: your pillow will smell as wonderful as you look. ♥


Product provided for review consideration 
  1. I’ve been using this and I really like it. My hair is so fine, I struggle to get volume. I just purchased an iron (sort of like a micro-crimper) to try for more volume, we’ll see. This product has worked OK for me. I love the Shampure spray which is just the Aveda scent to put in your hair! Have you tried that? mmmm Yummy!

    1. Dear Janine, oh the Shampure scent it simply divine!!! For me, it’s always difficult with styling products as they tend to migrate to my scalp, making it greasy within just a couple pf hours. This spray stays out on the hair. xx M

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