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Hair care. What does that mean to you? Is it to invest in your favourite shampoo? Maybe to wash your hair every day? Would you consider hair care to be everything from washing to styling your hair? Is it even something that you’re interested in – or do you prefer to invest in skincare only?

For me it used to be all about skincare for the scientific approach and then I simply had a thing where I always bought high-end shampoos and conditioners at the hair dressers and it felt like it was the most “professional” approach.

Then slowly everything shifted for me. Pretty much around the same time as we moved to Dubai. The climate changed and the water quality went from fabulous and natural spring water rich in minerals (in Scandinavia) to amazingly low quality of desalinated water here in the desert. My scalp suffered and my hair looked like a mess. I needed to upgrade my game and started looking into new brands of hair care products to use. Rahua, AVEDA and Philip Kingsley emerged on my radar and to be perfectly honest; I hadn’t even heard about these brands before! I continued to learn about J.F Lazartigue and Miriam Quevedo, and find myself being very proud to see the Swedish brand Sachajuan entering the Middle East market. Suddenly I felt that there were options. My hair and scalp didn’t have to suffer. All I had to do was to learn more, read up on things and be as engaged as I am with my skincare!

But you know what? “The more you learn, the less you know” – that’s what I experienced. I had access to all these great brands but those sales assistants, however lovely and professional he or she was, somehow always ended up confusing me. They looked at my hair (not touching it) and gave very different recommendations depending on what brand I visited or even what hair style I was wearing for the day (natural curls or straightened hair). On top of that, my issues with the scalp seemed to not settled down. I needed a deeper understanding of what to fight. Was it dandruff? Eczema? Did I have oily scalp or dry scalp? Too may question marks and not enough answers.

Until about a year ago when I had my first treatment at hairlab. You’ll find the article here!

In order not to repeat everything from my previous, rather in-dept article, I will simply give you the lowdown on what hairlab has to offer:

This is not a salon. No hairdressers and not the place to go for a blow dry. This is where you want to go for a professional consultation and treatment made by experts who are using Trichoscopy in order to evaluate the health and status of your scalp and hair.

I would say that the clinic is something in between the look and feel of going to a posh dentist and a boutique with only the most exquisite and high-tech hair treatment brands on the market. The team are only capable of treating two clients at the same time; this is not a place run like a drive-through. Everything is custom made and exclusive. But with a price tag that is fairly reasonable!

You might have been persuaded by your hairdresser to try an examine your scalp with a camera. Lots of salons carry them and they all promote the test as being relevant. I would say it is not. Cameras for Trichoscopy are available in all price ranges and sizes – what sets them apart is the different lenses and magnitude as well as what computerised program that’s used to translate the results into measurable data. As far as I’m concern, hairlab is the only place in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with the full and highest equipment and professionally trained experts at your service.

So what is it that they measure?

Four different states of conditions are in focus: first they use a blue device for picking up sebum from the scalp. The sample is taken from the top of the scalp where the skin is most sensible and in destress. We often forget that the scalp is like any other part of our skin and it acts almost the same way! Secondly, while using the four different lenses pictures are taken of the scalp, the pores, the hair structure and then an overview of the top of the head to evaluate the possibility of hair loss.

The examination also includes a questionnaire where lifestyle factors are evaluated. For example it is known that a diet low in protein will show a difference on your hair’s  condition! I always try to have egg in any style at least once a day and I can see the effect on my hair!

The expert talks you through all of the four fact- and evidence based pictures, examine them and compares them to a bunch of sample pictures to evaluate the status of your scalp, pores, hair follicles, hair cuticles and strands. You get to see with your own eyes if you are having a healthy new growth of fresh hair coming up or if the follicles seem dead. It is a great way to detect potential hair loss and how to treat it. If the follicle is dead there won’t be any product in the world bought in a department store or at the salon that will help you regain growth; therefore it is no point in purchasing the wrong products without really knowing what type of nourishment or treatment your hair and scalp requires.

After the consultation and examination is done, all of your results are being filed like any other medical records. This helps you to see your own progress if you decide to go for a course of treatments. Many clients do and it is wonderful to hear that the clientele is almost fifty-fifty male and females. While men tend to focus more of hair loss, women – myself included- have more issues with dandruff or an itchy scalp. I have a high production of sebum, my scalp is oily but it also produces two different kinds of dandruff. As with our skincare routine, any layer of dead skin cells will create a veil over the skin, making the pores congested and the blood circulation low. All of which will create additional problems with both the scalp and the hair.

Action has to be taken and while you are treated to some tea or coffee, the hair expert will use your results to put together a “skincare routine” for your scalp and hair and take you to the treatment area for a good hour of pampering! This is like going to a facial!

You’ll get double cleansed while being educated on everything from water temperatures to active ingredients. The scalp will most likely get a good exfoliation after being double cleansed (which we all like) and you will be but in a hot steam cover for the pores and cuticles to open and the products to get a fair chance of deep penetration. You’ll be massaged for amazing blood circulation, get your hair soaked in conditioner and other lovely required treatments and then treated exactly like your facialist would prefer: with mists, serums and finally heat protection and SPF!

I mean, lets face it: this is kind of fabulous!

Last weekend, my husband and I had the privilege of being invited for a couple’s treatment. It is very interesting really, because obviously it is much more heard of (and surely more romantic) to go for a couple’s treatment at a SPA. However, I found that my husband liked this experience much more as it is very clinical and scientific. He could engage and ask a lot of questions, we both did, and I found that the expert – Sheryll – really knew her ingredients and information. I pushed her rather hard to see how much she could educate us and I’m pleased to say that if you ever visit hairlab, this is the lady you should book and meet. Everytime we go there, we learn a lot and we have never felt the need or pressure to purchase any products even though the recommended line of items would certainly make a good sale for the store. That’s while we are now devoted customers. Sheryll and her colleagues never pushed any specific brand; the fist time I visited I got to try a series of products by Lazartigue and Sachajuan and this time she opted for Philip Kingsley and Miriam Quevedo. Both my husband and I had decided before we came, not to purchase any product but to go home and see how the scalp and hair would look, feel and behave. Wait it out a bit and see the actual results.

We are both very pleased with the experience and found that the products addressed to our needs really helped us it the way that you are expecting with expensive and high-tech ranges. I know that by purchasing these products now, I have a routine that is custom made for our respective needs and it will give us the results we wish for.

Right now, hairlab is doing a Valentine’s Day special where they offer a 20% discount on their couple’s treatments. It might not be your normal idea of a Valentine’s Day treat, but it is surely something that will last you longer than a bouquet of roses. If you live in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you’ll find hairlab boutiques close to you. If you are located elsewhere, I suggest you search for Trichoscopy treatments in your area and make sure they offer all of the above for a full rounded examination. A simple camera with one small lens not connected to a program is not enough.

Let me know if you have used any of the brands we got recommended? I’m a lover of Philip Kingsley and Sachajuan as they both cater for my itchy and congested scalp. My husband fell in love with the whole Caviar system by Miriam Quevedo  which I find fantastic because from now on, he can’t have a bad opinion of my devotion to La Mer and all their caviar infused products! One has to be clever 🙂

Cheers to healthy and nourished scalp and hair. Please care for it the way you pamper your face. ♥

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