Play, Treat and Repeat – SACHAJUAN STOCKHOLM

In the world of beauty you simply don’t fall asleep with your makeup on and you don’t sunbathe. Ever.

Well, of course it happens, but to be perfectly honest it is not often that I break these rules. It would go against all things I’ve ever learned about skin and hair health.

The thing is though, while being a good girl with my sun protection for face and body, I’m not as disciplined when it comes to protecting my hair. Yes I do understand that in terms of cancer research it is not comparable, but there are other benefits to reach by protecting the hair from harmful and harsh UV rays.

On the market today, there are a number of alternatives for hair care sun protection. They work pretty equally good but I want to give you a heads up on the After-sun treatment! We do it with face and body, let’s get to it and protect our hair as well.

I need to start with a short Brand Presentation of SACHAJUAN STOCKHOLM as this brand is in my heart. I’m always extra proud and “patriotic” when I see Swedish or Scandinavian beauty brands making it on the national scene. With a population of 9 million people only, Swedish designers, creative professionals, artists, editors and stylists are still well known and sought after around the world and when SACHAJUAN opened the flagship salon in Stockholm back in 1997, it was an instant success.

A lot of people ask me how to pronounce the name! It is quite easy as it’s a merge between the two founder’s names:

  • Sacha Mitic; a famous hairstylist who have worked with editorial campaigns and celebrities in Sweden for a long time before relocating to NYC for a glorious career. Being assigned projects for all leading fashion and beauty magazine’s Sacha quickly accumulated a vast source of knowledge and skill.
  • Juan Rosenlind; the hairdresser who started his career at the most luxurious salon in Stockholm with clients from the Swedish Royal Court, amongst others. True passion for hair and exceptional talent brought the two of them together. The salon, an architect-designed dream, is just amazing to visit.

When I think of SACHAJUAN words like creativity, simplicity, skill, talent and Scandinavian art comes to mind. I can laugh a little bit about it, but they are very “typical Scandinavian” in their strive to make haircare uncomplicated. If you ever visit Sweden you’ll notice the need for simple structures, clean lines and shades. Fine natural materials and a straightforward language. What you see is what you get.

2004, SACHAJUAN finally launched their range of products for customer use. It was, as with the salon itself a hit and since then we have seen it win awards, being featured in all major magazines and sold at our most beloved shopping destinations. When I moved to Dubai, these products were among the ones that I made sure to stock up with. I didn’t know if I would be able to get hold of them here in the dessert!

Today, I purchase the range from hairlab Dubai, Bloomingdale’s or Harvey Nichols.

Going back to the products now.

As I said, SACHAJUAN have always focused on developing a range that shall be easy to use. They believe that hair care mustn’t be all that complicated. With their Ocean Silk Technology that runs in all products, they’ve crated a range built up by sea algae’s ( Rhodophycea and Chondrus Crispus) which holds moisture boosting properties and assist the hair to maintain its shine and body. While other brands in the industry talk about active ingredients, SACHAJUAN will rather not, claiming that all their ingredients are made to work actively together. The holistic approach to beauty runs through the full line of hair and body products.

One of the products I like is the Hair in the Sun: a leave in cream with UV protection that coats the hair and stays on even if you take a swim. I have coloured hair which easily get dry in the ends and sun-bleached if not covered with a hat – or a product.

On here today you’ll see the amazing mate of that product:

Hair after the Sun. 

Easy name and easy go. Play in the sun, wash of the salt-or pool water and then: you need to treat your hair with some after sun care, the way you would do with your face and body!

This cream makes sure to moisture and conditions the hair after a day outside. It assists with preventing shine loss and frizzy ends as well as leaving the hair smooth. It can be rinsed of, which I prefer, like a treatment, or left in to soak. It is lightweight and will not give your hair a gritty feeling, even with the finest Scandinavian hair it works magic!

I love the scent. In fact, it’s intoxicating. I can’t exactly describe it but it’s very fresh, zesty and filled with lemon and other citrusy notes. It has that certain smell of an expensive salon treatment: you know – the way your hair smells (and behave) right after your hair appointment!

With constant sunshine in Dubai, I had the pleasure of getting this product sent to me (and I went out and bought the Hair in the Sun by myself to get a proper view of the results). I’m very impressed and happy. As my scalp is a bit of chaos, I often choose not to add any extra products into my hair as I’ve felt like there will just be a residue piling up. After my visit to hairlab, which you really should read about, I’ve changed my mind!

Healthy hair is not only what looks fresh, shiny and well cut. It needs to feel the same: strong, fingers need to glide easy through the strands and the scalp shall not be calm and hydrated.

As all these products are created, developed and manufactured in Sweden it, of course, feels even more like high-quality to me. SACHUAJUAN have decided to keep everything local despite (what I would imagine) a much higher production cost than other alternatives. Small things like this gives me that luxurious feeling. 

That – and the fact that the design of the bottles are insanely chic as well! What is your favourite SACHAJUAN product? Mine is no doubt their beautiful Protective Hair Perfume, also this one with UV-filter. The scent is wonderfully sexy and fresh ♥

  1. Oh it makes sense to me now, this is such a good idea so it’s a leave in treatment that you apply after shampooing and conditioning? I love good smelling hair.
    Do they have a sun protection ie a product you, can apply before going into the sun. X

    1. Hi sweetie! Yes, you can either rinse it out of use it as a leave-in treatment. They do have a product called Hair in the Sun with UV protection for your hair! It is brilliant!!! Kisses

    1. Hi dear! Yes I hope you’ll get to test them out. Net-a-porter carries the line if you order form them? It is very unisex and sits nicely on the bathroom even for males. Not a girly product hahaha. xoxo, have a wonderful weekend

  2. M, another excellent reading. I’ve got SachaJuan shampoo for colored hair in my CB beauty bag, so thank to your review, I will test it very a big pleasure. Thank you for introducing this brand.
    Nota bene: I really enjoy my holidays for reading your wonderful blog.

    Warm regards,

    1. My wonderful dear friend! I took the liberty to edit out my name as I want to keep the site as anonymous as possible, I hope that you don’t mind? Seeing all of your warm and generous comments makes me want to be better and do better! It is such a thrill to hear that the site has kept you company on your vacation! How cool is that?! :))) Love from Dubai sweetie

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