Feeling those autumn vibes with Molton Brown

Being the ultimate London luxury destination for toiletries (but still available for each and every one of us) the house of Molton Brown never cease to amaze me. I enjoy everything about the brand; the fact that they cater for both male and female, the extensive range and the pretty gift packages makes it one of my favourite place to shop at. Before moving to Dubai, I had only been in a Molton Brown store whenever we’d visit London. I found it really amazing to suddenly have the brand with such easy access: the store in The Dubai Mall is where you usually find me, dreaming away. (The fact that it is located in between my two HG brands Dermalogica and Diptyque might have something to do with my frequent visits as well!). It is a pretty little store with lots of heart and warmth to it with staff that really knows the brand and the products by heart.

I know that my husband’s favourite Molton Brown product will for ever be the wash with Cajun & Lime. He is obsessed about it and uses it daily. For me, I’ve had problems with picking a favourite as there are so many collections and scents that I adore. I recently had the opportunity to learn more about the oh so elegant collection called Gingerlily – and fell head over heals for it. I think it has to do with the fact that it represents everything I find appropriate and dear for this time of year: the season in between fall and festive! Molton Brown was established in London back in 1973 and I think it’s worth mentioning that the company is granted the Royal Warrant, making it feel extra luxurious and SPA-worthy.

Back to Gingerlily. It is a whole range of beautifully packaged products, there are some gift packs and a decadent three wick candle to choose from in addition to the standard items. I’ve been trying out the Gingerlily Hand Wash and Hand Lotion (to to be confused with the Hand cream that comes in those small, cute tubes).

First up the hand wash: my initial reaction to the range was visual, as I really like the color theme with rich dark golden soap matched with white lotion and balmy terracotta candles etc. It feels like fall, like coziness paired with clean lines and unisex taste. The range sits as nicely in my own bathroom as it does in my husband’s.

Gingerlily is of course not a new, mysterious flower: the name comes from two of the main scents in this collection. At the top note you’ll find warming, lush Ginger. A little bit spicy to awaken the senses. In the heart of the blend there is Cardamom, a spice that will forever remind me of Swedish pastry and autumn afternoons with a good book, a cup of tea and rain outside the window….or the first snow falling. It is a kind, round and welcoming spice who matches the ginger perfectly without making the product too sweet. The base holds exciting and exotic Polynesian Tamanu Nut oil. It counteracts those rainy afternoons and reminds me of beaches and sunshine. The oil itself of nourishing for our hands and when you cleanse them with this wash, the skin doesn’t feel harsh or dry; they feel clean and pampered! In the mix of it all there is also some extract of White Lily: as within the name and the floral scent fills the room in the most exquisite way without being overly female. It is indeed not a dark, heavy male scent but it is not powdery or sweet either. Perfectly unisex and beautiful which makes it such a great gift for someone you don’t know all that well. Molton Brown put this product in the Florental family but to me, it feels a bit more spicy and rich, more of a luxury SPA kind of scent.

The Gingerlily Hand Lotion is quite special. My husband refuses to wear amy hand-cream-product what so ever, so he’s out.

I love to wear something, as long as it doesn’t make me greasy or slippery. I hate the feeling of hand cream against my keyboard or on my iPhone screen – it is a big no no!

A hand lotion works well as a middle road to keeping my hands and cuticles smooth and nice. Now, Molton Brown conducted a clinical study (made by an independent institute) where 40 male and females got to try out this hand lotion. According to the brand’s website skin moisture level increased “threefold immediately after application” and “remained double after 24 hours”. When having read that, obviously I got intrigued as I rarely step away from some of my well trusted and gorgeous hand products like Eight Hour Cream, Grown Alchemist and Aesop.

I must say that combining these two products have made a difference to my hands and the dryness I experience, especially around my nails and fingertips. The scent is there, but warm and subtle, not conflicting with any perfume I might be wearing. It holds moisture well and remember that I’m either working in air condition (drying) or being outside on hot and humid temperatures. I’ve actually even used the lotion all over my lower arms as it is non greasy and the bottle holds quite a bit of product. Big thumbs up also to the brand for changing their packaging to these new, stylish pump dispensers! Hygienic and fresh and it refrains us from having to squeeze the bottle which never look pretty and exclusive.

I like this collection incredibly much and will even pick up an additional product: the Gingerlily Home & Linen Mist. Super elegant, lush and discreet but with the same accord and feeling it will make my freshly washed sheets smell of vacation and a five star hotel. Always something to behold! ♥


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    1. Hey beautiful! YES it’s really a beautiful and fresh scent, still warm and cozy. I’m very happy with it and the fact that it is not too sweet. It doesn’t feel artificial in any way, shape or form; one can really sense the quality of the ingredients! xoxox M

    1. Janine I’m with you. I think everything ginger makes for a great product, bot the scent and the properties are amazing! Thank you for always commenting and reading, it is so very kind and you are in my heart! kisses, M

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