Makeup is Art is Transformation is Power

While most bloggers and editors that I come across seem to focus on beauty and fashion (for very good reasons) I myself have always been more attracted to viewing the world of beauty as a part of our global art scene. I’ve already discussed this and will for sure continnue to do so, as with my education I have both Art and Art history in my degree. It’s inevitable that I look at it from this point of view as it comes vary natural to me. All types of art, wether it comes from a brush, a audible source, a music video; it doesn’t matter to me. They all go together, challenges us into transformation and creativity. Opens eyes, lets us connect. Makeup and art equals powerful elements.

And so, this site has both the scientific side to it and the artistic aura.

At present, something big is happening here in Dubai! Taking place between the 16th and 19th of March, Art Dubai is ongoing. This is the leading international art fair that focuses on art from the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. This year is the 10th edition of the fair and as it has grown in popularity and visibility over 90 galleries have now come together to showcase Modern or Contemporary art. This huge not-for-profit fair is located in the oh-so magnificent Madinat Jumeirah and this is my plan for tomorrow!

On the Gallerie Selection Committee for Art Dubai there is especially one women that stands out to me: Ms. Sunny Rahbar, founder and owner of The Third Line Gallery. A while ago, I introduced you guys to this remarkable lady (read the article here) and it so happens that her Gallery also have some amazing shows opening this week! I’m invited to tomorrows cool opening and this is where the weird pictures of nail polish comes in:

you can’t really be a part of Art Dubai and gallery openings without making an effort 🙂 Right?

As a limited edition, nail polish brand extravaganza Ciaté are releasing a kit called Very Colourfoil Manicure™ where you are able to create foil-stained nails completley custom-made to your preference!

The kit comes with a coral-ish paint pot base coat that you apply to dry and clean nails. Once it drys, it’s time to get creative:

there are small foil sheets the colours of vivid metallic that you can pick and choose from. Maybe a minimalistic “french tip” is your thing, or a splash or every shade for a mosaic feeling? You apply the foil fix glue in the pattern you wish the foil to turn up, wait for it to go from white to clear (yeah, everyone who’s done falsies know the drill here) and then stick your preferred foil-sheet(s) on top.

Press and fix and them remove the foil in one quick motion to reveal the “stain”. Continue to build up with additional sparkle until you get the cool, customised nail of your preference!

Now you see what I mean. This kit is like it’s made for an art fair, a club opening or such. Taking inspiration from the street art of London when creating this kit, I think Ciaté is really on to something fun and playful. So I will most definitely make and effort for tomorrow and hope that it will inspire you to do the same. Ciaté is available at Sephora and Virgin Stores here in UAE. Visit their global website for more inspiration.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend, lovelies! ♥

Nailpolish kit provided to me for review consideration 
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