15 years of being THE ORIGINAL

I believe that when you’re using something on a daily basis – like your hair brush for example – you tend to forget to rave about it. These every-day-life-savers just sits there quietly in our homes, doing their job and serving us well while at least I go on talking about all new releases.

To be fair: that’s really unfair! 

Today I’ll lend space to my most used beauty tool, all categories: The Original Beautyblender®. I realise that I was kind of late to the party and only discovered this little gemstone when it first launched at Sephora when in fact, the company is celebrating their 15 years anniversary! Fifteen years of outstanding achievements, fifteen years of being the most copied sponge out there. Fifteen years of making a quiet, daily difference for regular users as well as top PRO MUAs around the world. Not too bad for a pink little innovation!

If there is anyone still out there, who haven’t heard of a Beautyblender I’m not here to judge, I’m here to serve: the company was founded by professional makeup artist Rea Ann Silva who is a giant in the industry. You may have seen her works on the covers of Vanity Fair and the likes, she’s been working together with top names like the legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz and her innovative little sponge has won the Allure best in beauty awards several times over. An amazing accomplishment!

Although I do love my makeup brushes, I see my Beautyblender as a compliment rather than a competition to other application tools. It is all about what technique you like to use and what results you’re going for. The Beautyblender is an egg-shaped sponge in a patented open-cell structured material which, unlike other sponges is supposed to make your products last longer (when used correctly).

First of all, it’s important to soak the sponge in water and squeeze out all the excess fluid. With this move, the sponge will grow larger and give you a moist product that shall not soak up your foundation (or what ever product you’re applying) but make sure it goes onto your skin in a uniformed application. Some people claim that their sponges “eat all their expensive products” but I personally haven’t experienced that: it is all about not cheating with the soaking and squeezing process and of course – not use a dupe sponge and refer to it as a Beautyblender 😉

The sponges are quite pricey and the range is extensive, depending on what product you’re about to apply or if you’re after the PRO experience (then go for the black sponge). My first Beautyblender was the classic hot pink one. I’ve continued to repurchased it and I’ve also fallen for the one called PURE which is a dye-free sponge (colourless) that is very good for sensitive skin and works well for applying my skincare products such as serums and moisturizers. I wouldn’t use it for my face oils though, for some reason it doesn’t sit right with me?

You add your product (I use it for anything liquid such as primers, foundation or highlighters) onto a cosmetic mirrored palette (mines are from INGLOT and come think of it they also fit the category of silent beauty life savers!) and dab the Beautyblender into the product to apply it on your face.

It is supposed to give you a seamless, flawless finish without typical brush strikes as you bounce and press in the product to your skin. To be honest, I sometimes use streaking motions even with the sponge but I still think it makes the application go faster and smoother. Personally, I enjoy the sponge for more full coverage products when I need heavy results with minimum products and without looking like heavy makeup. For a tinted moisturizer I still prefer my fingers or a brush. The sponge and the case it comes in are both 100% recyclable which I find super positive since your are supposed to change sponges every now and then – and yes, you have to cleanse them in a proper way to make the whole application sanitary. No cheating the process!

Back to the 15 years anniversary! I had the pleasure of attending the Sephora ME Multi-brand event where they had representatives form a lot of brands presenting the upcoming releases or new brands on the market. At first I was confused at seeing Beautyblender represented as they are such a well established brand with an extensive range but obviously, the reason for them being there was to introduce us all to the limited edition Beautyblender made for this very special occasion!

The company celebrates their anniversary by launching a soft bubblegum pink sponge and a matching set of their micro.mini pair as well. This fabulous shade is not at all a coincidence: the cute pink reminds us of champagne bubbles or other festive drinks and as the company started out with a hot pink sponge; they found it appropriate to celebrate in pink!

Trivia; the representative at the event told us all a small anecdote about that bright pink original sponge: when the company which was commissioned to produce the original sponge presented the prototype to Rea Ann, they had made it in hot pink but told her not to look at the color but the material. However, Rea Ann completely fell in love with the pink and decided not to change the color and so the Original Star was born!

If you haven’t tried using a Beautyblender I suggest you to do so and I’m not trying to be snobbish here but personally, after trying a number of other makeup sponges on the market, I still return to this one, I think it is worth its price point and I know I can trust the results to look fresh, glowing and smooth. Why complicate life? ♥


Thank you Sephora ME and Beautyblender®
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