2016 Burberry Festive Holiday Collection – Part II

Burberry, Burberry; what you do to me! Yes, That Luxurious Feeling can’t help but constantly return to this wonderful brand. At the beginning, I thought it was simply just another one of this “high-fashion-needs-to-have-its-own-beauty-line” but as it turned out, Burberry unlike other fashion brands, don’t have a separate division for their beauty range – the brand is all operated under one roof where Mr. Christopher Bailey and Creative MUA Wendy Rowe makes sure that the collections are matched in with the full runway show. It makes the collections quite dynamic as they are developed to fit all skin tones and ethnicities, exactly as seen on the runway!

I’ve already written a review of some of the smaller items from this year’s Festive Collection. They are all exquisite and extremely wearable and you’ll find the article here! 

When there are multiple products in one collection worth highlighting, I find it easier to divide the article into two entries; I don’t want you to get “fed up” with too many products in one go! Certain items simply require their own space.

Let me present the 2016 Burberry Festive Collection’s fantastic piece of eyeshadows – the Complete Eye Palette Gold Shimmer No. 28.

As with the rest of the Christmas collection, it all starts with the packaging. Gold, gold and a little more gold! The beautiful box with it’s thick paper holds a structure that resembles the one of the iconic Burberry trench coat fabric. A fun trivia for you to know might be that the same structured wallpaper can be seen in the flagship stores as well. I love the brands small attention to details and their heritage.

The case then (of course nestled into a black, lush velvety pouch) is like a jewel; golden, heavy featuring the traditional plaid pattern. The lid closes with silent magnetics and inside is a large scaled mirror for easy touch ups on the go. Burberry are actually really good in providing us with great pocket sized mirrors in all of their compacts. Out of the larger pieces of this festive collection, this one is by far my favourite.

For 2015, Burberry released a similar eyeshadow palette, then called No.25. If we would compare the two of them, this year’s No. 28 is warmer while the other had more smokey tones and was easier to vamp up.

The Gold Shimmer No. 28 is probably the most beautiful all-round palette I’ve seen this year. I find it hard to believe that anyone can fail in applying a sophisticated and lush makeup with this one. It features four different shades, no matte ones, and all of them holds a bit of shimmer but not so much that it will make you all shining.

The thought behind all of the brand’s eyeshadow palettes is that they shall contour, highlight, shimmer and define your eyelids; there should be one shade provided for each of these steps. Very easy to comprehend and follow.

The way I see it; there are two ways of applying this palette: either you make it a day-look out of it and add some extra of the darkest brown shade to the socket line and outer corner of your eyes. You can go as far as to do a smokey eye as the shades will not be heavy or way to dark. Paired with some version of a nude lip, it will make you look polished and cool.


You go crazy with the lighter shades, making sure that your eyelids sparkle on golden champagne notes, you apply a “old Hollywood” winged eyeliner and the darkest of eyelashes and pair it all with gorgeous red lips. Preferably this year’s version: the raspberry red. I would wear the look for those amazing December-evening parties.

A quick description over the four shades available would be something like this:

Shade 1 – a light champagne golden shade with yellow undertone and slight shimmer. It is fairly opaque for a Burberry shade and can be worn all over the lid with just an eyeliner.

Shade 2 – a peachy-nude with some frosty shimmer. Maybe the glossiest shade in the quad. It is a bit cold toned and I prefer it as a highlighter in my inner corner or centre of the lid.

Shade 3 – a light minky-rose. It might be the second to darkest shade, but as it is very sheer in formula compared to the first two mentioned, it works well to smoke and layer. It is almost impossible to go too dark with this one, so if you like a natural look but still aim for definition, this shade is simply wonderful. I love to wear it well blended through the socket line or actually all over the lid paired with shade no. 4.

Shade 4 – a warm caramel brown with a bit of pear in it. It is very long lasting, they must have created this one to be worn as an eyeliner! I’ve lined with it and it won’t budge for a whole day which is fantastic given I’ve got oily eyelids. It can also be worn for a darker eye as it matches nude lips perfectly.

Typical for the Burberry festive collections: we have the GOLD theme and the RED. Very classic and British, elegant but still understated. Here, I’ve gathered some of the golden items for you to see that it’s possible to wear them all together without looking like someone dipped you in gold. They differ in shades and intensity and you have smooth cream, finely milled eyeshadow, chunkier glitter (in the polish) and almost undetectable sheen in the lipgloss. It is all very refined.

As for the REDs, it might feel bold to wear for some while others find a red lip to be the simplest makeup in the world. I personally really love the way Burberry produces several different iconic reds, with the classic Military Red at the front, the dark and super-luxurious Oxblood Red with blue undertone and now with the Christmas collection this deep, dark raspberry with hints of gold in it. It is definitely a kind shade of red for the beginners!

I want to give you one last advice: purchasing Burberry at any of the brand’s counters, located in a department store is a joy. But bare in mind that only online or at the brand’s flagship stores will you receive the fantastic Burberry Christmas Wrapping! It is something extra special and add a lot of points to that luxurious shopping feeling.

I’m just sayin’ ♥

  1. If there’s one makeup brand that can never go wrong in my mind, then it’s Burberry. Look at that festive and luxurious packaging, and I love how they incorporate gold into everything. So beautiful!

    1. Hello sweetie! I couldn’t agree more: there is nothing stopping Burberry from launching the most beautiful collections on and on again! A couple of years ago, people found the brand a bit boring and way too sheer (no, you won’t get a MAC result with Burberry) but this has clearly shifted!! Kisses, M

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