A challenge for Santa

In here, we are all about that luxurious feeling and it doesn’t have to do with a certain brand or price point, it needs to have something more. That little extra that gives you a feeling of joy and pampering, of amazing packaging or science, ingredients do die for or textures that makes your complexion sing.

As promised, here’s the unbelievable luxurious gift bag that we received during the equally unbelievable luxurious master class with Wendy Rowe for Burberry. I didn’t open my bag until I’d arrive home and almost fainted.

First of all, the products must have been hand picked, because they all fit my complexion perfectly and I can tell you this; us attending were of all colours and skin tones! Very classy indeed. I got the feeling that the bag was personalised and so I felt very special and noticed. That feeling still linger whenever I use these particular products. The Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base #Golden Radiance No.2 just sits naturally on my skin and I prefer to use it all on its own as a day-wear alternative to BB-cream. The finish is wonderful.

I giggled a little when I realised that darling Lip Velvet #Military Red and matching Iconic nail polish were hiding in the bag. This particular shade of red has outnumbered my previous unchallenged love for Chanel Rouge Allure #99 Pirate and I love the classic way of matching lips and nails but keeping the rest of my makeup to a minimum.

Although the festive collection comes in a golden version, I think I like the original check-embossed packaging more. It is so simple, yet elegant and the Nude Powder in Honey No.32 must have been made for me, lol! Added on to of the fluid base and my skin just looks so perfected without being too perfect. It still looks like skin, with it’s texture and colour variations intact, utterly flattering.

In the bag I also found the best friend of Burberry’s contouring sticks: the Fresh Glow Highlighting Luminous Pen. I will be honest and say that I only contour for night time, if I’m just out and about during the day, I keep my makeup very simple. But I never miss out on some highlight, cream or powder doesn’t matter as long as the shade is right and I don’t sparkle like a christmas tree. This pen is so smart, easy to apply and blend! It sits really nice on the cubid’s bow of my lips…

Basically, I think it all comes down to this: with a goodie bag like this one, I’m all set for Christmas. I’m in heaven. I don’t really ask for more. (Might be another story in case my husband reads this!) but when something is this pretty, this luxurious and generous, well, then I reckon Santa will have a bit of a challenge to top it!

Thank you so incredibly much for the lovely gift Burberry ME. And a huge shout out to Wendy Rowe for actually teaching us how to work these wonderful products to the max!

I’m such a lucky girl.  ♥

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