A Very Merry “BY TERRY” Christmas

Maybe I’m being picky here, but this year there are not many Christmas collections that makes me want to rob a bank and do a crazy shopping haul. Sure, Diptyque, Burberry and CHANEL will most probably find their way into my home (everything else would be plain weird!) but other than that, I’m feeling quite moderate with my spending these days.

That was at least my intention until Beautylish.com started to bombard my inbox with the absolutely breathtaking holiday collection released by BY TERRY. Is it OK to sit here and cry a little bit over the fact that I want it all and I can’t have it all? Let me show you my favourite items from the collection and then we can all have a good cry together in solitude.

BY TERRY Baume de Rose Deluxe. The original products are super lush and wonderful to wear, they are simply a joy to your lips and very decadent. Quite expensive as well. When the company then decides to launch a limited edition Baume de Rose, make it a huge deluxe size and send it over with Santa all decked up in a collectable case filled with preserved roses, then I think my head is about to explode. Why oh why does it have to be soooo pretty!?

If I could only choose one product from the collection, I would absolutely go for five! I’m not dumb, hahaha. No but seriously; once again the cult classic, most loved products by the brand is probably their fantastic cream eyeshadows in sticks. BY TERRY Ombres Black Stars are simply unique for their comfort, blending properties, pigmentation, ability not to glide or migrate on oily lids and for the fact that it takes about 10 seconds to do your eye-look for the day. I’ve loved them for years and to see the company launch a limited edition set with their five most loved sticks simply makes my heart beat. The collection holds:

  • #1 Black Pearl – shimmering onyx
  • #3 Blond Opal – opalescent ivory
  • #4 Bronze Moon – copper bronze
  • #6 Frozen Quarts – metallic light pink
  • #15 Ombre Mercure – luminous silver

I would do almost anything to get my hands on this set, writing this and hoping that Santa reads my Desire. (He must do, right? I’m such a good girl!)

The whole collection, named Impearlious is focusing on the timeless allure of pearls and I guess that’s why I’m so drawn to it. I wear pearls in my ears every day, I like makeup with a pearlescent accent and primers that gives my skin that extra light-reflecting glow always sits high up on my list. BY TERRY Élixir de Pearls is gorgeous. It is described to be a youth-boosting base product with illuminating effects to the skin. It contains fresh water pearls and peach toned prisms in order to blur out imperfections and give the skin a “healthy glow”. It is perfectly fine to use it on its own for a radiant, fresh “no makeup look” or apply it under your foundation for more coverage. I love the look of the jar-packaging as it mimics the Baume de Rose one, but I’m not totally sure that the product itself benefits from this kind of packaging? I’d rather have it in a closed bottle with a pump dispenser…either way, it is a luxury product for the collector’s eye. ♥


All Pictures courtesy of Beautylish.com/byterry
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