About last night: NYE with Givenchy

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is finally 2017 and I’ve never been so filled with hope and at the same time scared for the way our world seem to function in. Many have asked me how we celebrate NYE here in Dubai and as I’ve already said: my husband and I likes to stay at home, alone or with friends depending on the year (this is the thing with being an Expat: our extended family here flies in and out of Dubai) but as we are very private persons, huge parties are simply not for us.

Last night though, was somewhat of a new experience for me as I got to celebrate at home with my hubby and cat but in the presence and company of you, dear friends and readers! Some might think that relationships behind a screen or over the internet are not the real ones, and I strongly disagree! As with old time’s pen-pals and the art of writing letters by hand, I’ve had the huge pleasure of getting to know you, men and women, from all corners of the world. We share the mutual interests of beauty and photography, science, history and art which has connected us in the first place.

Hovwever, during 2016 I’ve come to learn a lot of you closer. We have scraped the surface a lot and what is clear is that behind all our obvious similarities lies others. Those we don’t talk about on IG but we all have them: stress, anxiety, struggles with our outsides and our inside. Job-performance or University studies that takes the toll of us, children to raise or relatives that can be challenging. Loss of someone near to us and maybe most significantly: we seem to be quite introvert, shy or simply private. We have found each other via the internet but it is clear to me that in a large community like ours where we are lucky to get along well – we are all very much alike. No matter gender, race, age or ethnicity.

Rambling aside: this year I got to celebrate NYE together with so many friends who I share daily conversations with and whom I trust. People I’d never thought would be in my life! It is a true honour and privilege.

Even though we celebrated at home, of course I couldn’t help myself and apply some wonderful makeup. To me, makeup has never been about what others see me wearing but the sheer joy it brings to me when I get to play with textures, shadows, brushes and then layer fragrances. To not make a NYE face simply wouldn’t do!

For 2016 I decided to use the GIVENCHY Palette Ors Audacieux from the Holiday Audace de l’Or Collection. I’m very well aware that this collection is sold out internationally, but here in the Middle East I know some counters that still carries it.

So, I love GIVENCHY. The whole brand smells of luxury and the quality has really approved over the last couple of years. I can’t think of a single eyeshadow of theirs, that I don’t like to wear!? Yes, they play safe: nothing too daring or crazy, but they always manage to make something extra out of all launches. The key seems to be packaging.

GIVENCHY simply excels in limited edition packaging! 2016 Christmas collection didn’t disappoint and as I’m a lover of black and gold together, this small but beautiful launch made me happy.

The collection only held three items and I knew from the beginning that I needed to pick up the eyeshadow palette. 

When I see shades like these, I secretly wish I had red hair and icy blue eyes. A collection that wants to mimic all different stages in which gold can be reflected certainly looks amazing on blue eyes. But to be fair, it works really well on my brown eyes as well!

The packaging with its golden leather-case is almost like a piece of art. I feels vintage, very mature and rich. Like something from a movie. You know I favours collections that focus on adding their LE-touch on the packaging rather then on the embossing. I want to be able to use all my beauty and still have a wonderful piece of makeup in my collection!

The Palette Ors Audacieux holds four shades (or alternatives) to gold:

  • a warm yellow golden shade, classic for any party look.
  • a dark metallic taupe shade that works amazingly well for the socket line or for deepening the whole eye-makeup. It is shimmery but in no way glittery.
  • a golden warm pink. I must say I fell completely in love with this rare shade of pink and will be using it a lot for spring too!
  • the star: an orange pinky-peach shade and as we all know that orange makeup is very popular right now, I believe GIVENCHY to have made an elegant and mature version of it.

All these four shades are extremely pigmented and rich, they are smooth like butter and blends beautifully with an #217 brush. The nice thing with these shadows is that they are make to be used both wet and dry. If the brush is dampened, the shades intensifies a lot and gives almost like an explosion of gold on your eyelids! I’m very very pleased with the result and love the quality of this beautiful quad.

It is now 2017 and even though the makeup has been washed off and the face tucked in with an overnight treatment, I still feel like the happiest girl alive: I get to read all your amazingly kind and warming comments on IG, I get to wake up to a new year with friends that are awesome and a passion for beauty that I know for sure will take me to wonderful places this year. I am so ready.

2017 – let’s do this!   ♥

  1. What a lovely post!! I agree – I look forward to connecting with people on IG and reading their comments and thoughts. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and I can’t wait to see what 2017 holds for the both of us xx

    1. Wonderful Lisa! When I wrote the post, you popped up in my head! I was wondering, with your profession if you would agree with me or what you see when you look at our community and the way we form bands to each other 🙂 It is not the conventional way to build relationships but I think it is the way forward. I hope for 2017 that I get to travel a bit more and if I do, I know there will be a bunch of amazing friends out there who might want to meet up IRL! Sooo excited. I wish I could travel to you and take a deep dive into your fantastic collection! Lots of love, M

  2. Oh what a lovely post! I’ve never been one to go out and party on New Years, I’ve always liked to be home. This year, my oldest had an asthma attack and my husband was at the ER from 11PM – 4AM (how fun, right)? It seems like 2016 was just a major rough year. Dylan is OK today and feeling better but that’s the first time we had to take him to the hospital. I was laying in bed waiting for text updates and browsing Instagram. It’s so true that meeting people on that platform is very real. And actually one of the bloggers I met when I first started blogging has come and visited and we talk all the time. It’s definitely an amazing community to be a part of.

    You chose gorgeous shadows for New Years! I love EVERYTHING Givenchy! It’s so elegant! I hope you had a beautiful evening and a relaxing New Year’s Day. We are off to bed now. =)

    1. OMG Janine, I’m soo sorry for the drama, an Asthma attack is awful, you must have been so scared 🙁 Thank you for letting me be a part of you NYE and I hope it could get your mind out of the situation for a few seconds. I’m so happy to hear that Dylan is doing well again. I love to get the chance to get to know you even better for 2017 – the way you are and how you pamper your family and home makes me so happy, it is such a treat whenever you give us little glimpse of your life 🙂 Happy New Year sweetheart and thank you for always commenting and reading!!! xoxox, M

  3. Beautiful article, my dear! I agree with you, the beauty community from Instagram is amazing, I have spent the New Year just like you and I have enjoyed it very much! 🙂 Thanks a lot for all your great comments and wishes! May 2017 bring you lots of happiness, health and success! You are a great friend and I am thankful for your friendship! Big hug!

    1. Hi!!! Oh thank you, it is nice to see that I’m not alone thinking that we have real friendships to build on for 2017! When I started my journey into fine fragrances your account was the first one that I fell in love with. You have taught me sooo much! Keep up the great work sweetie, and keep on traveling to all those amazing places. Kisses, M

  4. Stunning! You have captured this so well and I cannot take my eyes away.
    So glad we made friends this year as every conversation, IG comment and blog read is a joy! Kelly xxwww.KELLiLASH.com

    1. Gorgeous Kelly! First of all thank you for always always being such a fun and smart friend! I never thought I would find a twin-sister online but you and I are so much alike that sometimes it’s scary! In a good way, of course. Yes, Givenchy agrees with me, I love their LE and this one might be my all time favourite! Lots of kisses from me, mwha!//M

  5. Beautifully written! So happy to have ‘met’ and connected with you. Happy 2017 my dear and eagerly looking forward to what you will discover next! May the New Year bring more amazing moments filled with love, warmth, health and success in all that you do.

    P.s. Aside from that gorg Givenchy palette, can we just talk about those ornaments? How beautiful? Did you make those?

    1. Hiiii!! Happy New Year darling and thank you thank you for all of our conversations over the year. It’s been so lovely to connect with you and hopefully we will both have a wonderful, rich and fun 2017! And for those ornaments: they are from Paperchase, a stationary store with lots of fun things, and super affordable too!! Go google :))) Kisses sweetie, M

  6. Aww, I don’t know how I missed this post. What a beautiful picture and explanation and appreciate your last paragraph.

    I am really happy to meet you on IG and to be able to call myself your friend. Now, I am looking forward to meet you in 2017, something I already wrote you on IG.

    Warm regards,

    1. Darling Mar! YES, this year we simply have to meet 🙂 Looking forward to it sooo much. Thank you for being my friend, your beautiful inside and out. Kisses, M

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