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When I learned that the makeup brand Kat Von D Beauty was about to launch in the Middle East (at Sephora, to be exact) I shall be completely honest with you: it didn’t create a shopping hysteria within me. Now, please take me with a pinch of salt; we are all different and have different needs and approaches to beauty and that is something very important for TLF.

Maybe I was being scared or even a little bit judgemental. The brand, developed and used by world famous tattooer Kat Von D herself, was initiated out of her Tattoo shop High Voltage Tattoo and her love for creating extremely long-lasting and high pigmented products made to enhance and spark your creativity. This was the thing: I’m not a tattoo-girl (couldn’t care less what anyone else like to do with their bodies) but it’s not for me. Everything that is permanent or semi-permanent or full coverage scares me. My way of applying makeup which I feel comfortable with is much more toned down.

Safe to say: when I first saw the products in store with their black packaging and tattoo logos, I didn’t pay that much attention. I didn’t think the brand was for me.

I was wrong. So wrong. 

Kat Von D is loved for pushing boundaries in terms of both formulation and colours. My first product by the brand was their Setting Mist (yes I know, I’m a coward lol) and when I realised how great it was, I became bolder and bought myself a Studded Kiss Lipstick – one of her best sellers and a “matte” lipstick that I can actually wear because it goes on more velvety and moist. I loved the texture and the quality of the product; as someone with constant dry lips and a lip-biter to that, that lipstick won’t budge and it make my lips look great!

Imagine my excitement when I heard that the brand was about to release matching lipliners to all of the lipsticks and liquid lipsticks in the range!

I had no idea that I was about to get the chance to try them first hand and review them for you, like a good Sephora customer, I had put a reminder in the calendar to go and check them out as soon as they where in store.

Then the door bell rang.

The Kat Von D Everlasting Lipliner comes in 30 (!) shades and I found myself standing in the hall with a bag filled with 24 lipliners! It is quite hard to explain that feeling. Where do you even begin? I have one set of lips and I had to photograph them all before starting to try and test. I found myself being a busy bee.

It was a task alright, but oh, how I enjoyed it! Lately I’ve mostly tried and tested skincare – it was a joy to be able to play with colours again. I needed it – the feeling of being totally creative. Free. And very much outside of my comfort zone as I opened the liners in black, blue and green…

So what makes these stand out from other lipliners?

First of all, Kat Von D is passionate when it comes to ingredients and quality. She is an aminal-rights activist and with that, a large part of the brand is completely VEGAN. In line with her love for permanent creations, the makeup is incredibly long-wear and full coverage, but adding to that also waterproof. For someone who constantly lick her lips this is fantastic news. Finally I can apply a liner all over my lips and top it up with either a lipstick or a clear balm, and I know that the base, the stain will stay smooth and pigmented. It won’t let me down.

The shape is also something new to me. These pencils are super fine, with a slim nib that makes the application so much easier and precise. No more lips with a harsh bold line, you can easily make an ombre lip or a stain or the most elegant lipshape by one single stroke. I find them very easy to work with and I imagine that for those who like to “draw outside the line” to enhance or slightly modify the shape of their lips, this is the perfect tool for that.

The range holds nude and rosy shades, a spectrum of the classic reds and pinks (yey!) and quite a large number of shades in the plum and aubergine family. I truly enjoy a dark lip and can’t wait to sport these come Fall.

The green, black and blue lipliners are definitely too much for me, I’m not cool enough to pull those off, but as the lasting power and pigments are impeccable; I’ll use them as eye liners instead! That will be my way of staying creative.

The bottom line of this review is that you should never judge a book by its cover and be bold enough to try some new brands once in a while. It might surprise you! I’m incredibly thankful that I did because the quality of everything I’ve tried from Kat Von D Beauty so far, has been extremely high. You need to go and pick up a lipliner or two (or 30) because they are simply divine. ♥


Products provided for review consideration 
  1. wow…you nailed my thoughts on KVD brand exactly! I’m even more old school than my 56 years haha and when KVD first came out, I just figured it would be a brand for the twenty something generation. It took me awhile, but I eventually became more curious and started by dipping my toes in, or lips, by purchasing and falling for a KVD lipstick. I then tried other products from her line and was pleasantly surprised. I imagine I will be trying these lip liners soon…thanks for the fantastic review 😘

    1. Wonderful Angel! Hahahaha isn’t it funny? I’m 35 but often enough I find myself bering very conservative when it comes to makeup. I gladly venture out in terms of fragrances or skincare, but with makeup I’m more careful and often stick to my trusted brands. I’m so happy that I got the chance to learn something new and present it to you all 🙂 Thank you for your sweet comment.xoxo, M

  2. Oh Maria what a beautiful story! I actually love KVD lip products!! The everlasting matte liquid are incredibly beautiful and long lasting and the studded kiss are so comfortable! I was so excited when you got all these liners, such a beautiful parcel it was!

    1. Hi Doll! Thank you so so much, for reading, for commenting and for being such a wonderful friend. It means a lot to me. I always want to be honest when I write and it’s important to recognize that even a Beauty Editor, who test so many brands and products over the year, can be wrong! I had my mind made up and I certainly needed to revise my opinion!! :)) xoxo, M

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