Benefit launch with a BANG

It is not often I add a review of mascaras here on That Luxurious Feeling. Now I find myself writing my second one in a week?! (The first one was CliniqueFIT Mascara which you’ll find here). Does this mean that we are seeing a new trend of mascara launches? Personally I don’t think so. I believe that purchasing mascaras is one of the most private makeup decisions to make. You’ll find one or two favourites and you’ll stay loyal to that particular product or brand. You may be open to playing around with different eyeshadows or foundations but when it comes to mascaras, we are often fiercely loyal consumers.

A while ago, I gave you insight on my own personal favourite mascara – and as you know, I try to not play favourites when possible – I want this platform to be like a library of different brands, products, textures and so on, so that everyone can find something of their liking.

Now, I thought I should add a quick review of the newest addition to Benefit Cosmetics: Their much hyped BADgal BANG Volumizing Mascara. If you’re not familiar with Benefit Cosmetics here comes a recap: born 1976, a small cosmetic store in San Fransisco with the motto that everything looks good with a laughter and makeup shouldn’t be all that serious. Their now super-iconic Benetint lip and cheek stain product started out as a “nipple tint” used by the city’s exotic dancers back in the ’70’s!

Today, the two founding woman’s daughters and nieces are running the show while the house of Benefit is now owned by luxury group LVMH. When the brand established themselves in the Middle East by entering Sephora all I could think was that its core market was younger girls with a thing for eyebrows and quirky makeup. I own their Benetints and gorgeous bronzers but other than that, I can’t say that I have identified myself with the brand’s Benefesto:

We believe in WHISTLING WHILE YOU WORK IT…and faking it ‘til you make it.We believe in FAST & FABULOUS BEAUTY solutions…and that glamour is GRABBING LIFE BY THE GIGGLES and not letting go. We believe if at first you don’t succeed, APPLY MORE LIPSTICK…that SEXY gets you everywhere…and if you can’t be good, BE GORGEOUS.

Therefore, I was curious when I got the invite to attend the launch for the brand’s new mascara. Their range of eyelash products is very very popular and I had never tried it! With the slogan “Lashes you can see from space” the launch has been very noticeable worldwide. Benefit sure knows how to throw a party and create awareness of their products. They also spend years in product development before releasing a new product, something I truly respect. Especially when it comes to products that shall be applied near my sensitive eyes!

Packaging first: the “fat” pitch back rubber container is crowned with a cap designed with fake, black studs. The silver and hot pink print all over the bullet might be fun and smashing, but doesn’t really give me that luxurious feeling. Maybe I’m too old? The matte rubber material provides me with a superb grip; together with the fact that the wand itself is long, it makes application so much easier. The only thing though (same issue as I do have with all NARS products): black rubber gets dirty the minute I seem to touch them! When I apply makeup I get messy, I have concealer all over my fingertips. I can tell you it was pure luck that I managed to photograph the mascara before trying it on hahaha. Hot mess!

Wand & Brush: as said, I truly appreciate the sleek and extended wand! It makes application so much easier because it balances the brush so beautifully. The brush-head is made out of plastic (I usually prefer natural bristles) and is coated with over 300 (!) coned-shaped rubber bristles to coat all your lashes. As you can see, the brush is slim, neat and designed to reach even short lashes. I really like the brush design!

The mascara: described to be pitch-black, intense, water resistant and designed to provide a massive 36-hours of flake-free and smudge proof application I’ll start with this: please don’t wear makeup for 36-hours straight! I beg of you. Now, for a full day and night makeup; let’s say 18-hours, I can attest to the product staying put and not weighing my lashes down. No flakes and my eyes never went itchy – which almost always happens when I wear mascara for an extended amount of time! The colour is indeed the blackest of black and I love it! If you are into more subtle eyelashes then this is not the mascara for you. Benefit recommend us to use their lash-primer before applying the BADgal BANG mascara. I don’t own that product so my review is based purely on the mascara itself.

The mascara is very wet in texture which made it a bit difficult too apply without smudging. I have long and sparse lashes, I need the volume and darkness that the product provides but it also made my lashes even longer, which always is a challenge for someone with glasses. I don’t want the lashes to stain the glass. Application on my top lashes may not have been a hit, but the mascara and its fine wand worked amazingly well on my lower lashes! That’s what I’ll use it for, and with great satisfaction.

What also gives the BADgal BANG Mascara some extra points (nope, not the name) is no doubt the ingredient list! Even though the product is wet and thick, it holds aeroparticles, the lightest known materials, derived from space technology, to ensure that your lashes WON’T be weight down. It sure provide a lift and curl, so its is perfect for someone with quite straight and shorter lashes. The mascara also contain ProVitaminB5 – known to fuel thickness and strength to hair shafts. On top of that it also contains Beewax, a huge favourite of mine for its antibacterial properties as well as how it moisturizes the lashes and lashline.

Bottom line: I will repurchase this mascara for my lower lashes (I used to use a fine MAC mascara for the job) simply for the sleek brush and amazing wand but if you don’t like to stand and comb through your lashes after application to get rid of access wet product, this mascara might not be your first love. ♥


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  1. I personally like a wetter formula when it comes to my mascara but not too wet to the point of smudging. Then that will be quite irritating to me. Aside from that, this does sound like a lovely mascara and I quite like the way the wand looks. Excellent review hun! x

    Ann-Marie |

    1. Amazing Ann-Marie it is always wonderful to see your comments here and on Instagram! Thank you so much for always beings such a great friend. I agree with you: I need the mascara to be (reasonably) wet and coating. Lots of love from Dubai, M

    1. Hey Fabulous! Well, no one has eyelashes like you, always perfect and never too much. I can’t wait to see what you’ll make out of this mascara 🙂 Love, xx M

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