Bloomingdale’s Fashionshow AW15

About a week ago, on September 17th, it was finally time for Live Out Loud! The AW15 theme for Bloomingdale’s Fashion show. Dubai may not have Fashion week at the size of NYC or London, but this night was indeed dedicated to all things fashion! 

For That Luxurious Feeling, it was the very first time to attend, and as they say: “The first time is the deepest”.

As this is not a fashion blog, I was there to primarily spot some makeup trends from the runway.

This year’s show was held in the newly built #DubaiDesignDistrict, D3. It will be super hip and creative once it’s finished. As for now, it seems to be in the middle of nowhere and I’m sure some fashionistas had trouble finding the way there (and getting a ride home!). Despite that, I found the location to be very nice and suitable.

It’s always interesting to do some people spotting. After having watched the crowd at NYFW with it’s urban cool, monochrome and sleek outfits (a lot of jeans and shirts paired with sunglasses and really nice high heels) you enter Dubai and here: more is more! Crazy colours, flowers, heels as high as you can manage and dresses. Some dressed up pants and statement accessories as far as you can see. Without being an expert in the field (and very basic-Scandinavian) it takes a while to get use to the fact that it’s A-OK to be that dressed up! I really enjoyed it and absolutely advocate more occasions like this to go all in.

The venue was really nice organised with a runway spreading like a starfish among the audience. Live Out Loud is all about finding your own creative side and to speak up, and both the setting and the show itself lived up to that idea.

Somewhat 60 different looks where being presented during the show. I had the enormous opportunity to be seated front row with additional press, and therefore took the chance to photograph as much as possible, without missing out on the show and ambiance itself.

I found the show to start off in a very monochrome scale with focus on outfits (more) suitable for autumn climate. Very chic although not entirely Dubai friendly LOL. The models makeup where exclusively made by Giorgio Armani and what stroke me was that the MUA had payed a lot of attention to the models different ethnicities. Instead of using the same lipstick all over, it was clear that even though most looks sported a bold lip; you could see the makeup fit very well at the most porcelain complexion as well as the darker looks. I applaud it! Sometimes I find that differences in faces doesn’t get enough room on the runway. The models end up looking very much cloned. Bloomingdales’s and GA managed to capture the very essence of Dubai: it’s multi-cultural and multi ethnicity population.

A well picked bunch of colours where also presented during the show. Orange, red, dark indigo blue and strong purple made it’s way trough the crowd. The music was loud and amazing! It suited the show who felt loud and pumping, mesmerising. Large statement jewelries from Bloomie’s new selection was shown off, all beautiful pieces. As the show got more and more elegant with amazing dresses and suits for the men, the hair didn’t change all that much. Sleek, hard, sharp partings (sideways or middle) was the theme. The makeup got more and more dramatic over the eyes, but all in all it was very wearable looks presented! Looks you could easily use outside the runway for a party or even a brunch. I’m not so familiar with the product range of Giorgio Armani but so far, I enjoy what I have seen.

Sans the show; Bloomie’s followed up with a great reception, DJ and hors d’oeuvres while the fashion elite of Dubai (and moi) where mingling away. It was a fantastic evening, so well organised with nice people and topics to discuss. Yes, it was my first time and I sincerely hope I get to be invited again. Blomingdale’s is just one of it’s kind. Extravagant but still friendly they make you feel straight at home, even if you are a beginner ♥

Thank you Al Thayer for making Dubai such a fashionable city to live (out loud) in! May we soon hope for a full week of Fashion?

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