Boxing Day with rain and Dior

Just a quick Hello from a rainy and windy Dubai. Boxing Day is almost over and for many, tomorrow is a normal working day.

After a long power walk out on The Palm (man-made island in the shape of a huge palm tree, for those of you who still haven’t been here) to watch the sea roam and smell the scent of summer-rain, I think I just want to spend what’s rest of this Christmas Holiday painting my nails and dreaming away with fashion magazines.

The nailpolish Dior Vernis #227 Gris-Or makes it easy to indulge in some alone-time. It’s the only item I picked up from Dior this season, but at that, it’s just wonderful and classic. With the grey-gold shade, it goes easily with all kinds of jewellery and leave a lot of playroom for the rest of my makeup. Understated but absolutely not boring!

Here paired by some Louis Vuitton fashion, shown in Grazia ME Celebration issue. Mix and match, I enjoy it a lot. What’s your favourite nail colour for the festive season? ♥

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