Brunchin’ with SUQQU Deep Nuances Eyes

Before I dive into the full review, let me just state some facts: first of all, I’m a huge lover and user of cream eyeshadows, it started with the very first collection of CHANEL Illusion d’Ombre and recent years I crave them in stick-versions as well. Preferably by Burberry or By Terry. Secondly, my love for these products goes straight against my own skin condition as I’ve got oily, slightly hooded lids and as such, these products shouldn’t be ideal to use. There you have it, this is what we will be working with.

When SUQQU announced that thy were going to release a series of limited edition (why do you do that!? Why not make things permanent) cream eyeshadows I was so intrigued. The thing with these kind of products is that they often have very different textures – anything from bouncy to whipped – and therefore they apply differently. What comes in quite similar packaging doesn’t necessarily have to be the same kind of products. This fall, SUQQU released a series of five Deep Nuances Eyes; their version of a creamy eyeshadow.

Per their PR talk, it is a product that utilise light in order to create definition and subtle nuances. I get that, as they are all built up like a kaleidoscope of shimmers and shades. Manufactured with a balance of delicate and light oils (I can’t for my life tell you what oil though) mixed with spheric powders the product land somewhere in between a mousse and a cream.

Out of the five available shades, I’ve got two to show you, beginning with the darkest one: EX-05 YAKOU. When I first opened it I think my heart skipped a beat. It is that beautiful. Imagine a charcoal base with black and navy undertones sprinkled with the finest micro glitter available and in all shades of the rainbow. This is what I mean when light is what gives these eyeshadows life. I goes from gold to blue to purple to green in a second, and without making you looking like a disco-bowl. It is subtle and sexy. The Deep Nuances Eyes comes in a regular, small glass pot with a black twist-off lid. The chic SUQQU-logo embossed on the lid as well as on the black carton packaging. We also get a small, rounded brush with the softest synthetic bristles – and this is a problem. I LOVE the brush, but not for applying this particular product! I rather use it as a small blending brush for my powdery eyeshadow when I’m on the go and need to adjust my eyelook.

I thought this particular shade would help me create what might be my favourite eyelook: a smokey navy/black eye. I have to say that it didn’t, I needed to adjust that thought. The shadow is quite slippery and moist, it stays that way (it is supposed to due to the oils to have a moisturising effect on the lid) but it is not at all opaque. I had to use my fingers to apply in order to build it up and still, it is quite sheer in pigment compared to, let’s say Tom Ford. This is where the title of this review come in. No, I didn’t get a smokey full on heavy lid, but a wash of sultry smoke, a but grungy which works so well for a brunch look or if you want to achieve a really nice office-look. It is kind but still elegant and lovely. I would say that the pigmentation resembles the one of Burberry and if you want to try a darker, cool look without going all in; this product might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

As a side note, I’m wondering if the limited edition status might be a way for SUQQU to run a test ballon, see what consumers think of the texture etc before launching a permanent range? If that’s the case, I think they’ve got some work to do in the pigmentation and the brush need to be stiffer in order to pick up the right amount of product.

Over to my second shade, the EX-02 TSUYAHONOKA. I might just come out and say it: this one is my favourite! I’ve seen that for people with fair skin, it almost resemble their own skin tone and works well as an eyeshadow base color. That’s not the case for me.

I can only describe this shade as looking inside a seashell. It is pearly and warm, starts with some pink and grey and venture over to gold and rose gold due to those small micro shimmers. Grey and beige and pink shouldn’t really be a shade but we all know that Greige is a phenomena. And it looks enigmatic on the eyes!

These products also happens to contain silicone-gel for a slippery effect. They are no where as bouncy as the Id’O or as opaque as the By Terry sticks and to be fair, they are not all that easy to wear if you’ve got oily eyelids. I have to first prime my lid (and set the primer with translucent powder) before I apply these. I also have to fix the makeup with a setting spray in order to prevent it from creasing. It is fine by me as it is my regular routine when I apply eye-makeup but for most people it might seem like a lot of work. It will crease, I’ll give you that. But the shade and the way it reflect the light makes me wear it over and over again. With really black lashes and a tomato-red lip, it is amazingly festive and perfect for this season. I’m very happy to have this darling in my collection. The shade is (unlike the EX-05) very opaque, it doesn’t have to be built up which I think is handy for a faster application. With it’s “wet” feeling it also allows me to draw an eyeliner by using a powder eyeshadow and having it stick to the surface; always a good tip when you’re not all that skilled with the eyeliner-game…

Even though these are a part of the AW16 collection, I know that they’re still available at and on the counters. Go have a try, see it they fit your look and eyelids ♥


Products provided for review consideration
  1. The photos you took of these cream-whipped eyeshadows are so unique and interesting. I too prefer the greige shade and I think you are right – the brand is testing things out and calling it a limited edition.

    1. Dear Daphne, yes the greige rose-golden shade is spectacular and opaque. I love it and enjoy wearing it with a winged eyeliner and a bold lip. Let’s see if they will change the formula before releasing the permanent range 😉 xoxo

  2. I didn’t even know that they sell these at Selfridges which is just 10 minutes away from me I should nip in and check them out, get some swatches. Not sure if they will
    Last on my oily eye lids since they have silicone. But the packaging has me swooning over then.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Haha Esnath I’m not sure I want to be friends with you anymore!!! 10 minutes to walk to a SUQQU counter? That’s really unfair babe. Kisses, let me know if they work out on your eyelids.

    1. Hi Elle!! So nice of you to leave a mark and read the article. I love the second shade so much, it is sophisticated and very beautiful on the lid, the way it catches the light and all! Have a lovely day dear, xoxo, M

    1. Hi Laura! YES it is my favourite and it’s so perfect for BRUNCH makeup or a chic office-look. I will be wearing it a lot now with the holiday season coming up! Kisses, M

  3. What a shame I don’t have any counter near my home and also what a shame I haven’t read this article before to try find these one out there.

    I love your picture and the shades look really beautiful. Now you compare them with Burberry so more interest for me.

    I will try find them in some airport counters during my next travels to Belgium and France.

    Thank you for taking care of my never-ending wish list.


    1. Beautiful Mar, yes I would die to have a SUQQU counter here in Dubai, it would be the dream. But it is also something special and nice with brands that I can’t get all that easily! I savour them for special occasions or travels (going to London is like xmas, as I get to play with all the brands that are so hard for me to get!). It is good to long a little bit as well 😉

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