CHANEL AW16 Collection No.1 – Part II

The CHANEL hysteria continues here at That Luxurious Feeling. I am very aware of the fact that this collection has been given mixed reviews. Either you hate it or you love it. My theories for that is threefold: it is a new concept for the house. Matte and dramatic and everything revolving around one colour. If you don’t like Red, in any shape or form, then how would you be able to like the collection? Secondly, I see so clearly that what I mentioned before about skin tone, plays a role in how you perceive the eyeshadow quad. I think most people stare themselves blind on the quad, forgetting that there are other options in the collection to create great eye-looks! Thirdly, this is a fact: we are given so many ways of how to work a quad. Four shades can easily become eight, where to add, how to mix, where to blend, what brushes to use…the list of possibilities is long and to be frank it also presents us with an equal amount of chances to fail. Even if we are good at applying makeup, having a new set of shades and textures in our hands can be challenging and it might not give us the results we had expected. If we were given a nude palette only, or a smokey black; most of us have worked those shades before, from different brands and we know how they will adapt to our face shape and skin tone. These shades however, are new, and it takes some time to make them justice!

Be patient and let your CHANEL MUA assist you with creating looks that suit your appearance. That’s what I did.

Something I love with this collection is how nudes (for example one of the lipsticks) and peach gets to play with all the dark browns and plum shades. Not everything has to be about the brick-red or orange colours!

A great example of this is the two Stylo Yeux Waterproof contouring eye pencils that are limited edition shades. If I had a friend who had never tried the brand before, I probably would start by recommending (any of) these pencils. The price point is fair and the texture divine. They need to warm to your skin a bit, and then glides on like a dream. If you are fast, then you will be able to smudge them or even apply them over the whole lid, but once they set – they won’t budge. Ever. These are maybe the only pens I can use on my waterline without getting disgusting black blobs in my inner corner of the eye. They never make my eyes watery or interrupt my contact lenses when I wear them.

But mostly, the shades are unbeatable. Like the Illusion d’Ombres. 

The #929 Agapé to the left is what I would recommend if you want a great touch without any bold moves. It is a creamy dark brown shade with layers of metallic copper tones. In certain lights it goes warm and shiny while in others it’s more of a deep brown-plum addition to the eyes. I think it matches all eye colours perfectly and it is great to exchange the black eyeliner (or layer them) for something more soft and warm. I’ve used this over the camel shade eyeshadow to create an elegant office-look. It works so well and with those reflections of warm metallics, it matches my jewellery in rose gold so well. You should give it a fair chance.

The second shade, #928 Eros is where Lucia Pica is visible again. It’s really hard to say if the shade is warm or cold!? The dark, deep bordeaux red mixed in with tones of plums and rose makes it vivid and intense. I like to use it on my lower lashline to create a bit of drama and it’s very special. Almost all of my Stylo Yeux have this metallic effect to them, and applied with a matte eyeshadow or a smooth cream shadow, they stand out in the most beautiful way without being harsh or too playful. CHANEL will never look over the top, there is still balance.

I can’t say which one of the two I like the most, as they represent such different looks and approach to the shade red. I guess this is what Lucia Pica referred to when she said that the shade can also mean vulnerability and classic as well as fierce and intense. I must have about ten different shades of these pencils and they are always, always represented in my looks; as eyeliners, tight-lining or for highlighting the inner corner. The fact that they also have a “hidden” pencil sharpener in the end of the pen makes them so easy to travel with or have in your clutch for night time events.

My final pick for the face ( I also picked up the nail gloss-extravaganza) is this oh so stunning Joues Contraste in #320 Rouge Profond. Now, I have a bit of hate-love relationship with these blushes. I have collected them for more years than I care to admit (yes I KNOW there is an expiration date on makeup) and most of them have these fabulous shades but the texture seem to go hard on me? Almost like they are dried up.

Anyhow, I brand new Joues Contraste is always super-powdery to the edge of being a bit too loose hahaha. These powder blushes are special as they always holds some very fine micro shimmer. If you are looking for an all matte complexion, they might not be your first choice. But I think, as the shimmer is so elegant and very subtle, it fits all skin tones and ages.

This particular one is rich. The shade, somewhere between a dusk-red with a hint of pink is not for everyone! The pigments are strong so be careful to apply it with a fine brush, I use my SUQQU cheek brush and dust it of on top of your hand before you apply. Build up the colour as you go.

Once it is on, it just makes the whole face! It brightens up and works so well together with a light contouring, is is truly like blushing from within. I am not sure if it will stay limited edition but I do know that I’ve never seen a shade quite like this on the market. It is unique and great to wear together with all shades of red or pink lipstick as it picks up the correct undertone, warm or cold, goldish or pink, and locks the look in.

The shade is innovative and fun. I’m such a blush-nerd; I love all different textures and shades, brands and formulations and can’t stop collecting them, this one has a given place in my collection and will be used a lot during Fall.

To finish this chapter, the bottom line is that I love the collection for its innovative approach, for the matte textures (and the addition to the nail polish range) and maybe most for CHANEL to choose Lucia Pica to create the set. Once again, and I always come back to this, makeup goes hand in hand with art. When Lucia started this journey, she commissioned photographer Max Farago and filmmaker Clara Cullen to create a video and a book to present the visions and inspiration behind the meaning of the shade Red and what it has meant to her as an artist and to the house of CHANEL throughout the years.

There are a good selection of lipsticks to go with the collection as well, but as six of them are mattes and I can’t wear them, and the two regular ones (a red and a nude) are very similar to others in my CHANEL collection, I never bought any of them. But if you like a semi-matte lip, they are fantastic and very luxurious! Especially the hot tomato-red shade. So seductive.

I have one small thing to add though, a bit of smirk if you will, or criticism. But as I said for the Spring16 collection, CHANEL has chosen to let actress Kristen Stewart front the campaign (some say it is to attract a younger audience). Now, we can also see that they have decided to go for Willow Smith to front their eyewear campaign.

All I say is this: Dior gets Jennifer Lawrence and Nathalie Porter. When the pictures of the actual products of the collection are more stunning and beautiful and classy than the pictures of the one fronting the campaign…something is wrong. I hope they strongly consider other faces for the future with a nicer message and style or else, I guess we need to be prepared for Miley Cyrus next?♥

  1. I think Chanel was really Brave with this one. And you nailed it when you said be patient, let your MUA help just might be what I need to do. Great article and will be checking out the Chanel counter soon.

    1. Wonderful Esnath, my twin sister! I totally agree with you that the house was brave with this collection. The industry need to be challenged and provoked for it to develop. Thank you so much for you wonderful comment, with your features you’ll look amazing in the collection and you must test the Id’O!!! kisses, M

  2. Love your honest opinion and point of view and totally agree that everyhing needs its time.

    As a make up starter ( I mean starting with my make up addiction) I won’t go with these Chanel beauties even if I like to see them or read about them. I’m on my beginner level and Burberry covers all my needed at the moment.

    But who knows. I may improve during this year and will be ready for next make up challenge with colors and shades like the Chanel ones.

    Thank you very much. It’s a real pleasure to read you.


    1. My wonderful Mar! First of all: WOW how lovely is your Dublin trip?? I want to come too! Secondly; I think it’s important that we can enjoy pictures of, and descriptions over certain brands and collections without needing to purchase them all! I love to watch Guerlain and Dior for example, but I don’t own a lot of them. Burberry on the other hand is so easy to wear and to travel with, I think we all find good use for their makeup! xx sweetie! M

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