CHANEL Ombre Première

Ingredients matter but equally important is the texture. Back in 2009 when CHANEL launched their iconic Illusion d’Ombre they where pioneers when it came to developing gel-based eyeshadows with a bouncy cream texture. Since then many brands have tried to follow suit. Today the extensive range features both matte, semi-velvet and sparkling shadows!

For 2017, CHANEL Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer Lucia Pica launched an addition to manifest the art of layering: Ombre Première – longwear cream eyeshadows with a satin finish and bouncy gel texture.

12 new shades to either apply with your fingers for an easy on-the-go look providing this significant sheer texture that blends into your eyelid like a second skin, or for a more pigmented finish; apply the product with a synthetic bristle brush. Where as the former Illusion d’Ombre sometimes get accused of being a bit too sparkly for daytime wear, the satin-finish of the Ombre Première shadows allows you to layer with a smooth powder eyeshadow on top without the risk of getting an outdated glittery look for your next business meeting. I would say that the entire range is very “office appropriate” in terms of colours. Pictured above is #820Memory, a warm crème brûlée shade with a pink undertone. Paired with a dark brown eyeliner it creates a beautiful and subtle look for the sophisticated woman.

As always with CHANEL, the composition is unique and will most likely be followed by other brands. Even though the texture is satin to dry, a blend of oils adds softness to the texture and with that making the product “melt” upon application. Featuring the highest concentration of ultra-pure pigments I still experience the product as sheer; for the good! Last year we saw so many super pigmented eye products launch. I think it is lovely that for those who don’t seek a Huda/ABH look there are some elegant high-end alternatives on the market. Best of it all (at least in my opinion as someone with sensitive eyes and wearer of glasses and contacts: the products are all Ophthalmologist tested; hence suitable for contact lens wearers! ♥

  1. They sounds incredible nonetheless. I can’t wait to try them out soon and I thank you for this comparison. Beautiful work darling 💗

    1. Dear beautiful Anxhela! I shall be honest with you: it took me a while to even notice myself, that there was a difference and different names! I just thought they were all Illusion d’Ombres! Therefore it made sense to write the article as I can’t be the only one who missed the MEMO?! Hahahaha. Lot of love and thank you for reading and supporting! xx, M

  2. It’s lovely to hear more about the background of these shadows as I’m quite new to Chanel’s cream eyeshadows. But I agree with you, the texture is heavenly, oddly bouncy, soft, but not whipped like CT or TF. Memory looks like such a gorgeous shade, I need to swatch that one! So far I only have Silver Pink, but it’s one of my very favorites. I love to wear glitter during daytime, but I’m not into the HUDA/ABH look at all. Subtle, sophisticated, luxurious. Well put article dear! <3

    xx Laura / Laurantaina Beauty Blog

    1. My wonderful Laura! This comment made my day. Thank you for taking the time to read. I agree, I like to wear a subtle glitter for daytime, but not too much! Therefore, I think both of them are so easy to use, fast to apply and they stay put. I can even wear this one without any primer! Lots and lots of love, xx M

  3. So I know not how to wear cream eyeshadow, however the way you describe them here seems like something even mere me with my sensitive eyes can use.
    Loved the comparison thank you for the continued hard work in educating us all things Beauty.

    1. Dear Esnath, I’m forever grateful for your time and comments. It means the world to me as I trust your knowledge and opinion. I’ve got sensitive eyes and for some reason very oily lids (the rest of my face is dry as dust) so eyeshadow application is always a bit tricky for me. Nothing stays put! However, I really enjoy the texture and subtle elegance of these. Lots of love my sweetheart. i try to be educational, that’s all I’ve ever wanted to be! xx M

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