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January means new, early releases of pre-spring makeup collections and for those of you who are fans of CHANEL it is party time! I’ve already discussed the fact that Lucia Pica; Global Creative Makeup & Colour Designer for the house is somewhat of an artistic gemstone. She doesn’t follow suit, when everyone else seem to focus on trends or season, she seem to be totally unaware of them both. Lucia creates the trends, she is the season. She owns us.

The fantastic thing with the 2017 Coco Code Collection is the fact that it is a spring collection all dolled up in typical fall shades! You’ll find deep browns and golds, rich red and cherry, matte and luminous shades together and with one thing in common: they are all so incredibly wearable! Everyone looks lovely in shades like these, compared to most common pastel or neons that we are used to see for spring. It doesn’t matter what age group or colouring you belong with, once again Lucia has manages to create a collection that stick together like glue. It is made to love and impossible to fail with.

The star of the collection? Of course we need to talk about the CHANEL Coco Code Harmonie de Blush!

It would be unfair to say that this beauty comes cheap. It doesn’t. But you certainly get a lot for your money – that is, if you are willing to dip into the product and destroy the coco code embossing! It is a collectors item, but compared to some of the more fanciful CHANEL limited edition compacts, I think that this one will actually be worn and loved. That pleases me a great deal.

This beauty is everything in on go: it is a highlighter and a blusher, almost a good for some light contouring and fabulous on the eyelids, although I’m pretty sure it is not intended for that purpose. This is a multi-tasking product and a super luxurious one. Let’s start with the packaging: The box itself features a matte embossed icon the colour and shape as the product itself on top of the classic black and white package. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this kind of design before but it is a very nice detail.

The compact itself is housed in the original velvet, deep black pouch and the brush, which is large and neat at the same time sits in its own little pouch. Very hygienic and nice!

The design of shades is supposed to be inspired by the ground elements of Gabrielle Chanel’s personal taste: red, beige, white and black always accompanied her and these shades can be seen throughout the whole brand. You get four shades and different textures, something that Lucia have introduced to the brand. Now it is not all about satin or sparkle anymore and the products are very flattering for the skin. Shades?

A light satin icy pink. It holds a very subtle shimmer and I can see the inspiration matching that ballerina-pink wedding dress designed by Mr. Lagerfeld recently shown in Paris! This shade is a wonderful highlight for cheek and brown bones, but it also look lovely on the eyelids or inner corner of the eye.

There is a peachy-brown nude shade which will give you a very subtle bronzing effect. This is the shade that makes you look fresh and natural. no muss and fuss. I find it quite semi-matte.

Paired with this shade comes the darker golden-beige caramel shade; bronze or contour, deepening and sculpturing without going all in, this is a shade that comes in handy for every occasion. Best of all? It is free of any orange undertones!

Finally the eye-catching blusher shade: a satin and vibrant coral-red note. I’m surprised that a blusher tone can actually fit all skin colours but this one, like NSARS Orgasm seem to have that magical power. It truly makes everyone look great!

The complete look and feel of the Coco Code Harmonie de Blush is for me like playing with a Rubik’s Cube. You can twist it anyway you like in order to get the shades you want. Either you swirl the brush around over the whole palette and you’ll get an interesting blusher to apply, or you’ll pick the pigments up going diagonal, horizontal or vertical. It’s really up to you! Choose a small, tapered brush and you are free to use the four shades individually. Whatever you like, it is meant to be played with and explored. It gives me great pleasure to see that the product is free from any glittery overspray – the shimmer you’ll get is infused in the shadows with the lightest touch. It is super smooth and glides on well. I notice my skin looking very healthy and illuminated with that special no makeup – makeup feeling to it. It is elegance and mathematics, heritage and new beginnings all in one and of course it holds that special CHANEL scent of camellia. Either you love it or you don’t. For the ingredients I have to point out that the product holds both Talc and Mineral Oil, I can’t say I’m too keen on any of them. However, this is a top-application product, if you’ve done it correctly there should be multiple skincare layers, SPF and base makeup products already applied onto your skin as a protective shield against the powdery makeup. I try to make sure that’s how I operate things in order to protect my skin before any makeup application and that is not at all specific to this brand. Skin needs protection and it is quite easy to uphold. Doing so, there shouldn’t be any issues in applying a blusher like this in top! As with everything, you always need to consult your own skin and see what it likes and dislikes.

The Coco Code Collection is already in store and available online. It is one of those collections where I think it’s possible to purchase it all and be done with it, you can create a capsule collection for your makeup bag, that will see you through all of 2017, given that you might be someone who’s not in the need for 50 collection in a year :). It is simply brilliant and yet again I’m happy to see Lucia Pica exceed expectations! ♥

  1. Chanel is slaying it with their new collections. Coco Code is on its way to me and I can’t wait to play with it! As I’m new to Chanel make up I wasn’t too familiar with Lucia Pica. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on her as the Chanel creative artist and beautiful description of this product. This is why I love TLF – thoughtful, insightful, fun and creative. Thank you for this post! xxx

    Laura xx Laurantaina Beauty Blog

    1. Hi Sweet Laura! I have to thank you soo much for this amazingly kind comment. It is the only reason I’m driving TLF forward; I want it to be educational and fun. I’m such a fan of Lucia Pica as an artist, I think the way she works responds well to the public and CHANEL needed a push in this direction. Enjoy your coco code blush, let me know how you get on with it!! Kisses, M

  2. So pretty! I’ve been hunting all day for new products. So far, I’ve only decided on shadows. I spend hours, it’s crazy. I need to look closely at this. I like how there’s more than one use for it. Have you seen the new Illuminating lipstick duos from Tom Ford? I was so excited, picked 3, and then my husband said he didn’t like them? Now, my cart is sitting.

    1. Gorgeous Friend! I know exactly what you mean and whenever I feel stuck searching for new items I always go to @the_beautybling as she makes awesome collages of new luxurious releases! For the TF lipstick duos I’m heartbroken because I sooo wanted them to be interesting and unique eyeshadow duos. I vet they look amazing on the lips but I would have died to have them on my eyes instead 🙂 Kisses my darling, M

  3. Awesome review! Thank you very much for sharing. Like you, I am happy to see a spring makeup collection lacking neons and pastels. The colors in this collections on the other hand… are right up my alley!

    1. My Gorgeous Daphne! YES these shades must look so fabulous on your colouring. I like pink if it’s hot and interesting but pastels in general look washed out and weird on me. I can’t pull it off hahaha. I wish you a wonderful day my dear, see you over at IG. Mwah, M

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