“Chanel-o!”* L.A Sunrise

Back in the 1920’s, tanning and spending time at the beach was not for the upper class. The aristocracy and said socialites distanced themselves from the working class by showing pale and delicate skin, unlike those who actually needed to work outdoors. 

Coco Chanel changed that by making it fashionable for the very rich to spend time at the beaches down the French Riviera. It was a bold and brave move but it’s often mentioned that Chanel loved the sun, craved it. She even had a massive summer mansion built on the golden coast.

Then, as we all know, life and war happened. The situation in Europe after WW2 looked much different from the ’20’s and with having closed down her Fashion house during wartime, and not being the most popular in France, Mademoiselle Chanel sold her French Riviera villa and relocated to Switzerland. Maybe to wait out Christian Dior and his “new look”?

What is often not talked about, is that Chanel still craved the sun, and as she relaunched her fashion, became popular with the British and American upperclass. She started to visit California for the sun and beaches. Some claim that her love for Malibu’s sunrise is the inspiration behind Chanel L.A. Sunrise SS16 Collection. 

This collection is unique due to the fact that you wont find any of the more muted, elegant colours often so well connected with the band.

It is bold, vivid, cool, young but not childish or juvenile. It is fun and sexy but certainly not for everyone.

The company itself describe the Pink, Coral and Raspberry theme to mimic the Californian sunrise’s morning skies,  and the Purple, Teal and Green to capture the carefree L.A. Spirit. Whatever you see in the colour range, we can all agree it is far from how we are used to interpreted Chanel.

As this “spring/summer” collection actually hit stores in the beginning of January I bought it straight away (or parts of it) but still had xmas on my mind and wanted to hold off on writing about it. Instagram has been flooded with pictures of its gorgeousness so I’m by no means early to report.

My favourites first: always Rouge Coco Shine. Yes I am a lipstick freak but this particular series of sticks, balms, with rich pigment and lots of hydrations captures my heart. They work so well for me and my dehydrated lips. No, the longevity is not the very best but I love to touch up my lipstick so it doesn’t bother me at all.

What about these colours? #114 Shipshape is an intense orange with some red undertones to it. On me, it goes on like something between orange and coral, so pretty and easy to add a pop of colour to lighten up my whole face. #116 Mighty is just a mighty fine vivid hot pink with a blue undertone to it; it makes my teeth look white (always a plus) and both of these babies pairs beautifully with just some dark shades and a drink. It’s all summer in the city-beautiful. Something extraordinary with the Rouge Coco Shine range is the fact that you get two colours in one lipstick! If applied straight from the bullet, your lips gets this balmy stain, like a wash of colour but with great pigment. If you then instead apply it with a lipbrush; the colour will intensify and the texture seem thicker and more glossy, but without the stickiness of a real gloss! Amazing, right? I love products that allows for me to be creative.

The Sunkiss Ribbon Blush then? Of almost everyone crowned the star of the collection. Yes, isn’t she a beauty? The fact that the packaging holds an extra large brush for application makes it extra lovely, although the range also include the #4 blush brush, which is so rarely seen in stores. Still available online though!

Back to the blush. Made up by five different shades and embossed like a ribbon it is one of these collectors items that you don’t really want to touch. I know several of us have bought duplicates; one for use and one for the collection.

Even though it’s not super easy to use the colours one by one, it is possible with a small brush. It comes in bright fuchsia, soft coral, a muted brown shade, rosy pink and bold orange to match the lippies. Swirled together with a blush brush it applies like a coral-pink shade, rich in colour and with a fine sheen to it. Not metallic but with some shimmer in it. Sun-kissed skin. On my olive skin tone it still has the same colour payoff as I usually see in NARS blushes. Obviously, it is amazing. And it doesn’t come cheap…

My final pick from this collection is the Les 4 Ombres, Tissé Beverly Hills. It’s just so much fun! I’ve been playing around with it for some weeks now, and there are so many ways to use it. I’m guessing, with this unusual colour combination, they go on a bit different on different skin tones, but on me the quad shows up as cold cold, bright lavender, dark grey/plum and a lively ocean blue with some turquoise in it. The lavender shade alone is just amazing to use at the lower waterline to take the yellow out of the eyes. The darkest shade makes a very interesting smokey eye. Those combinations are endless and I enjoy it very much and applaud Chanel for being so daring!

I thought the green Illusion d’ombre would be my favourite from the range but I must say that the quad is very good value for money with it’s mileage. I still get the same feeling as when I first saw the collection; I get thrown back to the ’90’s and Beverly Hills 90210!  May not be what Chanel had in mind thought, lol.

How do you like this collection? is it to bold and bright for you? Would you wear it to work, to the club or at the beach? In Dubai, the answer is: All of the above! 


*if Chanel-o doesn’t ring a (SatC) bell to you, it’s just not worth explaining it! I personally can’t help but loving Anthony’s rude politeness.

    1. Hello Ingela! Thank you so much, this comment really made my evening. Some weeks are more productive than others and this week has been all about meetings and photo editing. More articles to come in the very near future! xx

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