Collection Libre Synthetic de CHANEL

When people ask me what my favourite makeup look is (and it happens a lot) I’ve come to narrowing it down to two alternatives: either something a bit warm and golden with a dark berry lip or a smokey eye paired with different shades of hot, cold-toned pink. I feel very comfortable wearing them both and I like them because they can be casual or very much dressed up, depending on the occasion.

That’s why I was immediately intrigued when Global Creative makeup and colour Director for CHANEL Lucia Pica presented her second makeup collection, the Collection Libre Synthetic de CHANEL. Following her debut collection which captivated everything RED, this year’s Holiday Collection by the House is nothing of the ordinary: definitely not red and christmassy at all.

It ticks in all the boxes when it comes to smokey, distinguished eyes and all kinds of pink hues possible.

I happen to be a huge fan for Lucia Pica herself. The way her creativity manifests speak to me, it resonates with my own perception of art, in simpler words: I understand her. As someone who’s loved the house of CHANEL since I can remember (and usually I’m not all that applicable to change) her way of switching up the makeup range and challenging the seasonal palettes makes me comfortable. I feel at ease with her!

Instead of making the 2016 Holiday Collection a classic red and golden deal, the Collection Libre circles around the idea of industrial and material inspiration where the different pieces are supposed to translate into glass, metal and rubber constellations on our faces.

The eye look is smokey, heavy and dark, accentuated with a matte, pitch black creamy eyeliner while the cheeks and nails gets to play dress-up in hot pink or metallic. In my world, it is the perfect limited edition collection because I know I’m going to wear this look all year round! The collection is all about contrasts in shades and materials, in structures and finishes which makes me think of a fancy architecture firm.

I had the privilege of having one of the pro-team CHANEL makeup artists present the collection to me and show me how to apply it. While I sat in the chair all I could think of was this: “please God let me like these items so I can purchase them…because I really really want to own them for the gift wrapping!”.

Crazy, I know! But this year’s Holiday collection comes in the most extravagant wrapping with thick luxurious CC embossed paper and organza ribbons the perfect shade of pink. Quire frankly, I could have purchased something simply for the wrapping. CHANEL do sell dreams.

Something I’ve learn this year is to look at the press pictures, try to take in the whole picture but then zoom in on those pieces that makes the most impact on me. I could have shown you the full collection but this is the thing:

The limited edition 5-shade eyeshadow palette is not for me. It is absolutley stunning, but as someone who loves to wear all kinds of smokey eyes, there isn’t a shade (or texture) within the blue-black-brown-metallic-matte-satin-spectrum that I don’t already posses. Purchasing yet another one simply wasn’t an option for me but I very much recommend the palette if you are venturing into this look and need something that will allow you to create multiple layers and looks. It is versatile and artistic.

The new-to-CHANEL black pot of creamy eyeliner is fantastic! I’ve never seen such a smooth and easy to use eyeliner in my life. I will for sure grab it, I simply need to finish those I’ve already got because we all know that eyeliners doesn’t have the longest of lifelines.

What I decided to focus on for the 2016 CHANEL Holiday collection was this: the pink couple.

There are three limited edition nail polishes in the collection and they all work differently. One is matte and gives you an almost rubber-like look, another is very opaque with a metallic silver design. My eyes only wanted the Le Vernis #544 Hyperrose Glass. As already said, this product translates the look of glass with its sheer, see-through look of hot, bright pink. I would say it is more of a top coat and probably impossible to wear as a full-on pink nail polish. I know that it is controversial – it’s not for everyone and certainly not a typical polish for a christmas party but I like it so much! I think that for those who are not used to wear hot pink nail polish (yes, mother I’m talking to you) it is a wonderful “light” shade to start with. I had to have it and naturally it looks pretty darn good sitting in my Le Vernis collection.

The other product I must recommend without any hesitation is the limited edition Joues Contraste #360 Hyperfresh. I won’t even count how many of the Joues Contraste I’ve assembled over the years but we can all agree that they are solid favourites within the beauty community. When the House finally decided to release a super-intense neon shade of hot pink (who would have thought!?) I almost tripped the MUA over in my quest to get it! This lightweight, matte blusher provides a silky finish with vivid pigments and blue-cold undertone. Paired with a dark eye and the sheer pink nail polish it creates an enigmatic and exciting look for the Season. It is feminine but oddly not girlish at all! More rock’n’roll and urban vibes if you ask me.

Obviously, the collection also holds some lip products and other small pieces of luxury but I stick to my first impression that these two are exactly what I needed to amp up my already existing makeup collection in order to achieve the Lucia Pica feeling. I’m beyond thrilled that she decided to produce a line so different from all the other Holiday themes and as the first collection for 2017 is already launching as we speak, it is quite obvious that CHANEL will continue doing so as we will see some Autumnal  shades for early spring 2017.

Talk about exciting times for CHANEL Beauty. ♥

    1. Hey Sweetheart! Thanks, maybe not the products you would pick from the collection lol but I urge you to go and have a look at their new Dry oil for Body. It’s a wonderful gift to someone who loves fragrances. Kisses, M

    1. HI!! I’m so happy to see you leaving a comment in here as well 🙂 I tried to be reasonable this time and not purchase the full collection even though I loved almost all pieces. I might return for the lipstick though! Kisses and Merry Xmas, M

      1. Thanks a lot for your reply! Yes, Chanel is addictive and it is always a great choice! 🙂 Merry Christmas and all the best wishes!

    1. Hi Janine, on my complexion which is a bit like caramel brown-dark, it is vibrant but not harsh. I use a light SUQQU cheek brush and it picks up just a small amount of pigment so I personally need to apply it in two steps. The polish on the other hand is super sheer, like a glass cover of pink. More like a top coat and not as it is seen in the bottle. Both are lovely worn as a pair. Merry Christmas my wonderful friend xoxoxox. M

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