Bloomie’s Dubai Fashion Show SS16

So a couple of week’s ago, when Bloomingdale’s Dubai invited us for the SS16 Fashion show, the whole concept was built under the theme: #bLikeNoOther.

I was of course excited to attend, given that the venue chosen for this special occasion was within Burj Khalifa. This enigmatic, enormous skyscraper certainly fell well under the given theme!

To be perfectly honest with you, I had some difficulties snapping nice shots from the evening. The venue was huge, but as they had tried out a new concept of different “art installations” to display fashion, the runway was small and during the show, it got very crowded. I personally liked the amazing runway from last autumn better!

I’m not a fashionista. It is actually quite difficult for me to spy what brand I’m currently viewing (given that it’s not Missoni or DvF signature items lol) but I can, with my un-trained eye at least spot what I like, what I would consider purchasing and wearing.

Out of the items I found most desirable, I constantly found myself focusing on the shoes. Whomever had picked the selection had done a very good job!  One signature piece, a skirt also drew a lot of attention (hello, pink and neons!) but other than that, I must say that the winners of the evening (in my humble opinion) were the menswear. The male models was quite nice to look at as well, ha.

I know that all makeup for the models were made by Gucci. I thought the faces looked very nice, but nothing ground breaking. I must say though, that some of the organisers of the event, who also had their makeup done by the Gucci-team, however looked amazing! 

The whole night was very focused on everyone interacting and making a print: it could be by dancing in front of the cameras to have your face turn up on a digital screen, replacing one of the models, or be crazy and paint on the wall! It was festive and fun.

Bloomingdales’s Dubai always makes me comfortable and as I spend a lot of time at each department, it would have been very helpful to know the brands featured so I could go and take a look at them in store. I love the theme, it once again reflects well on Dubai’s multi-cultural mix. It’s never mainstream, I seldom see people in the same clothes (except from Chanel- and LV bags which we LOVE) and I’m thinking this theme is a very good way to start a new year. Be like no other and love who you are ♥

To get a sense on what a wonderful night we had, here’s a video made by Bloomies to enjoy. This city makes such an amazing backdrop to events and with all fashion weeks currently ongoing, I can’t help but wishing that Dubai could host a full week as well.

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