EX-36 FUYUSUMIRE and the SUQQU UK Christmas Story

It is finally here! 12 weeks ago, when amazingly talented Creative Consultant and Senior Makeup Artist Jorge Balzaretti revealed his very fist collection for SUQQU UK to the press, I think I was in chock as well as in awe. The chock-part coming from such a bold move (Jorge is a smart one) and the awe from feeling so incredibly proud of this man. Let’s face it, not many MUAs get to design and create a full collection for a high end cosmetics brand. It’s usually easier to just produce your own line, in your own name hahaha.

Anyway, as SUQQU celebrates their 10-years anniversary in The UK, and their counter at Selfridges, a limited edition and super exclusive Christmas Collection just landed in. And it is gorgeous.

The inspiration behind this collection is collected from some of the rare and beautiful winter flowers that bloom in Japan and make their way into the frosty ray of lights even trough snow. Because of this, the shades are not very “typical” for a Christmas Collection – and I salute that! We beauty lovers will get our fair share of red, gold, smokey and metallic from other fantastic brands.

It is a bold move by Jorge and it works: for me, with my Scandinavian background and snowy winter childhoods, I immediately think of the prism of colours that shows when sunlight hits the snow. It sparkles and reflects like a rainbow, but the shades are more light and pastel.

There are two wonderful eyeshadow quads in the collection, the first one, EX-35 YUKITSUBAKI; inspired by the rich magenta coloured snow camellia – a vibrant and really beautiful quad which I instantly fell in love with.

The second one, EX-36 FUYUSUMIRE I’ve got with me today and it is so delicate. Inspired by the winter violets that blooms in Japan, it centers around a deep violet shade. Both these quads features one shimmery shade and three mattes, extraordinary and quite unusual for the market! When I first laid my eyes on FUYUSUMIRE I was a bit sceptical. I usually steer away from pastels and I have never worn mint green on my eyes before. I admit I saw it as a challenge.

Let me tell you this: I must have had an aneurysm because how could I not have trusted Jorge and SUQQU UK to excel?

This is the ultimate party-quad! the shades featured are:

  • A rich and warm shimmery peach with the smallest golden light particles.
  • A deep matte burgundy – not quite brown and not purple but perfect for a smokey eye, as a base or just as an eyeliner.
  • THE cold toned matte vibrant violet shade. Super pigmented to make sure that the pastels doesn’t look washed out or a cry from the ’80s.
  • A cold matte pale mint green shade. On me, it turns up with a white undertone and will most probably be a shade I won’t use as much as the others. Except to pair it with my O.P.I nail polish in the same shade!!

The EX-36 FUYUSUMIRE is definitely cool toned and with my warm toned skin I wondered a bit how it would apply but the smart thing with this palette is how it blends. If I layer the dark burgundy with the shimmery peach it will look very polished and office appropriate – nothing eye catching but still very beautiful as the purple tone of the burgundy shade comes to life. If I mix the burgundy and the violet, my brown eyes just POPS! They come to life in the most spectacular way.  Long time ago, I watched a video where Lisa Eldridge used a violet eyeliner for the lower waterline to make the eyes look white (instead of the usually used “flesh-toned” one) and it was such an amazing effect. Therefore, I’ve tried to apply this eyeshadow in a similar way but on the lower lashline and it makes all the difference.

I have tested and tried all possible combinations and the quad just keeps on surprising me. What I thought to be a hard-to-work-with palette is in fact a very fun and easy to use eyeshadow quad.

The texture is extremely soft, almost like butter and that is fantastic when considering that most shades are mattes. I don’t experience any fall out from it, but I have used it with either an eyelid primer or on top of the new SUQQU cream eyeshadows (stay tuned, they will of course be seen here at That Luxurious Feeling!).

As always with these quads, they come with a sponge tip applicator and one brush applicator in the best quality possible. These are maybe the only applicators I ever save because they actually are quite easy to work with. The lid holds a large mirror which I depend upon as often enough I need to come close to my eyelids in order to see what I’m actually doing.

All in all, I think this is one of the collections for SUQQU UK that will be the most successful. The anticipation is huge and their waiting list flooded with eager demands. As per October, 6 the collection is finally available at Selfridges, with Harrods and Fenwick Bond Street to follow. If I compare this collection with previous Christmas collections by the brand, it is for sure not a very Christmas-y one, but it is a party collection for all festivities we are facing for the upcoming season. It is a delicate, playful and artistic collection which I’m positive will make it into the kits of many professional MUAs because it is different. It provides drama and vulnerability all in one.

To me, Jorge is one of very few talented MUAs who is actually a team-player. It has never been about him, or for us to promote his collection. In the most humble way he almost forgot to tell me that it is his haha. I value this so much but still want to give him the credit he so rightfully deserve. I can’t wait for his next collection to arrive!

Congratulations SUQQU UK – 10 fabulous years and more to come♥


Product provided for review consideration
Inspiration. EX-36 used on a model. Picture courtesy of IG: @suqqu_uk_official 
  1. Congrats on a fabulous collab with Suqqu dear, you truly deserve it and more! It’s a gorgeous quad, both of them are! I only wish that Suqqu UK and Selfridges could have worked out a better way to respect their loyal customers overseas to allow us to buy the palettes and lipsticks 🙁 I’m happy that some outside the UK did end up getting it like you and few other bloggers I follow, it’s so stunning and I congratulate Jorge on this masterpiece! Both of them! Great photos as usual, my love. Keep up the great work xoxo Mika


    1. Dear Mika, first of all thank you for being my friend and to always comment! We discussed this yesterday but I still would like to answer you: Personally I feel that it is a shame, not only for us customers, but for Jorge as well that the brand has been handling the customer demands in such poor way. Imagine waiting for your collection to launch for over a year, and then this happens! I hope that they’ll learn from the experience and make up to their overseas customer by the next launch! xoxo.

  2. My lovely M., wonderful review and informative review. I appreciate your for knowing more about SUQUU thanks to you blog even if I am fellow Burberry follower (thanks to you as well).

    I really enjoy your blog and the way how you write.

    Kind regards,

    1. Dear Mar! It makes me happy when you find the articles informative and educational. We all have our favourite brands, but my mission is to feature as many as possible for everyone to get familiar with! Stay tuned, there will be more Burberry coming up, I promise. Waiting for the xmas collection right now 😉 xoxo M

  3. What an unique collection of eyeshadows in a sea of red and gold Holiday edition palettes! Well done, Suqqu. I hope to get my hand on one of them soon.

    1. Gorgeous Daphne! YES I totally agree and I can see the trend in other brands as well. Xmas16 will for sure be more diverse and colourful than other seasons! I love gold and red but I also enjoy more exciting shades, especially when living in a sunny climate where bright shades are lovely to use! kisses sweetie!

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