FENTY: How to manage unwanted shine while still keeping your glow!*

About a week before Rihanna’s own makeup line FENTY Beauty was about to hit the market, I remember the buzz. It was crazy! The marketing machine she had engaged did a spectacular – worldwide – to make sure that no one alive would ever miss the launch.

All us editors, bloggers and everyone else engaged in the beauty community felt equally part of excitement and confused curiosity. Would this be just another celebrity brand? What would the quality look like? Price point? The campaign pictures started to “leak” and the packaging sure looked nice; but would it feel nice?

The only thing we were all certain of was, that on the day of the launch, there was a new brand in town!

I’ve posted bits and pieces on @thatluxuriousfeeling about my fascination when it comes to FENTY because I’m still confused about my own reactions to the brand. Here’s why:

I’m personally not a fan of Rihanna per see. I do enjoy the music but I’m not one of those who swear by her excites. This will for sure make me some enemies haha. I’m sorry guys, just being honest here. Secondly; I never get too excited when celebrities launches beauty. It doesn’t matter if it is Madonna herself (and her new skincare line) – I remain sceptical. Finally I learned that the range would not be in the premium price category, but more affordable and one of the Sephora Exclusive brands. This could be a hit or miss as we have seen many “affordable” brands launch which mostly mean quirky packaging (glitter, unicorn, odd shapes or whatnot) with a poor quality product inside. Definitely not in the scope of That Luxurious Feeling. 

Obviously, now 7 months since the premier and several collections later I can say this with certainty: Rihanna made it worth the wait. She managed to give us the range that all beauty junkies were waiting for. And I want to emphasise ALL because this is the core of the FENTY brand: inclusive spirit. When it hit the stores, it came with a full range of 40 shades of foundations – from palest porcelain to true dark skin. Finally something for everyone! It was also said that Rihanna had made it clear to the stores carrying her brand that if they didn’t take all of the shades, the full collection, then she would pull the brand from the shelf! I don’t know whether it is just a rumour or true but it is bold and well needed in a beauty industry that is far from inclusive and open-minded. How can you not love a brand who then, throughout the entire huge range creates shades that are suitable for everyone? It doesn’t matter if we are talking blushers, highlighters, cream sticks or lip-glosses. Every product comes in an array of colours with different undertones and capabilities.

The packaging – which looked so fetching on the campaign pictures – is not too shabby either! With smart magnetic cases to cling products together (like this powder and its brush) it makes them easy to spot in your makeup bag and the plastic cases are easy to keep clean.

This was my first love by FENTY together with their magical foundation: the Invisimatte Blotting Powder.

Normally I tend to use loose powder to set my makeup and do touch ups during the day and I always carry with me the Sephora branded blotting sheets. While I’m not one for using powder to bake, I still need to blot my T-zone and especially around my eyebrows and upper eyelids where I get oily and shiny as the day passes. I have super dry and dehydrated skin everywhere else on my face – a full on thick powder touch up won’t work for me.

The Invisimatte Blotting Powder is different. First of all: it is completely translucent and traceless. On my medium-to-dark skintone it doesn’t leave any cast or chalky residue. That was the first winning point. I can’t begin to tell you how many powders I’ve tried that made me look like Morticia Adams. Then for the texture itself: it is much easier to work with than a loose powder; especially on the go! In its small compact I can even use my fingertip if needed (although not super hygienic) and the powder is just like silk. Very easy to apply and a little goes a long way. In the case of my oily eyebrows, its always a struggle to blot the skin without removing or smudging the eyebrow product. I find that this powder won’t interfere with my eyebrow pencil. It will only soak up any extra sebum and leave the makeup pigment alone. For my eyelids, I like that the texture is so fine that it won’t gather in any crease line. It also assists well as a base before applying on cream eyeshadow, even though I’m sure that’s not the intended purpose of the blotting powder!

Said to diffuse the look of pores I believe it gives you a nice “filtered” look without feeling like it’s going to clog you up or make your skin look cakey. It is simply a very lightweight, fresh and scent-free blotting powder in a good price range for every skintone and need!

As with everything FENTY it is also 100% cruelty free beauty. If you can only afford one single product by the brand, I will be as boring as this and encourage you to pick up the Invisimatte Blotting Powder. Yes, the highlighters are much more intriguing and the foundation is a dream (if you mix in a drop of a high-quality face oil) but the blotting powder will work fantastic with any other brands and products that you already own in your collection and best of all: it gives no flashback which means you can be photographed (or taking selfies) all day long without the risk of looking shiny and oily in pictures. It is a winner in my book and of course a must have for both females and male users!

Get rid of the shine so that you can continue to glow ♥


*Products provided for review consideration 
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