Fifty Shades Darker with Tom Ford Noir

For those of you who follow @thatluxuriousfeeling on Instagram (seriously, you should!) you have already seen that I had the privilege of getting an invitation and attend this years Bloomingdales’s Fashion Show AW16. It is the third time that I’ve had this opportunity and it never gets old; I’m like a child in a candy store because to me everything about high-end fashion is quite new and intoxicating. I’m much more a girl who enjoys the details – the add ons – like makeup, hair, shoes, bags, scarves and bling-bling. I would lie if I said my closet is full with luxurious dresses or pant suits.

These fashion shows are my chance to learn, to educate myself more and with that I enjoy then immensely. Every year there’s something new, a fresh take on their concept #BeLikeNoOther. It’s like opening a christmas gift, not really knowing what will there be inside!

For myself, these evenings means one thing: I get to do a full makeup look and really work on my appearance. I can be bold and play with my own comfort zone. I take it seriously everytime hahaha.

For this year, Bloomies had limited the invitation quite a bit and decided to place the whole evening at the luxurious French restaurant La Cantine du Faubourg. This restaurant is quite new to the Dubai-scene but its mother, the original restaurant is nothing but FASHION, located at No.105 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris. This address is in the smack of the golden triangle that holds everything that Paris is known for in terms of haute couture. It is utterly chic, very French and the place to be seen for after work drinks, business dinners or even brunch. I’ve been so curious of the Dubai-branch ever since it opened, although it’s a bit more French goes Mediterranean out here. Anyway, a spectacular location for the show.

I knew exactly how I wanted the look to start: I see Paris and I think of chic, sultry smokey eyes with a twist. I wanted the whole look to concentrate on this and immediately chose the Tom Ford Noir cream and powder eye colour 01 Night Sky as my centre piece. This was a limited edition Holiday collection and it is not easy to get hold of any more, but I managed to find one!

At the base of it is a super dark, opaque cream eyeshadow (with shea butter!) in black with a hint of blue at the base. It is simply fantastic. On top, in the lid is exactly what the name says: the night sky! A powdery eyeshadow to layer over the cream with amazing fine milled glittery particles and the most decadent blue shade, dark and fashion. Very much Tom Ford. 

Once again, I was lucky to have my close friend Ruel Menor, Regional Makeup Artist for Tom Ford Middle East to create my makeup. After all, it felt good to wear something straight from Bloomingdale’s on my face!

I brought Ruel the eyeshadow duo and basically let him figure out the rest, only letting him know that my dress would be full length and draped with layers in dark blue with black details. I had already decided on black high-heels and clutch and no glasses for the evening.

Ruel decided to concentrate on very dark sultry eyes and pair it with the matching Noir nail laquer in 34 Indigo night. This shade reminds me of velvety luxurious heavy drapes at a salon where only the rich and famous gets access. It is bold and dark, rich in pigment and a show-stopper without being too obvious. It is gorgeous and I can’t imagine why I never tried it on when it launched?

To match the French-Mediterranean vibe in a candle lit restaurant, eyes and nails went dark but the rest of my face got a sun-kissed, warm look with that amazing glow that TF is known for. Sculpted features using Shade & Illuminate and warm blush accentuated with high cheek bones of liquid highlight, defined eyebrows and about 10 coats of mascara for framing and form. For some reason, when Ruel plays with my already olive-toned skin, it starts to glow. All the tiredness and dull undertones vanishes and I feel that the base-products from the brand really agrees with my complexion. It enhances rather than hides, but still gives great coverage.

For my lips we opted between a bold French Red (but it felt wrong with the skin) and we landed on the lush Carey from the Lips & Boys collection; a dark rosy nude with a lot of character but still understated.

Lots of you have asked me what I thought about the evening. I can only say it like this: it was the best event I have ever been to! Ever.

I arrived with my bestie as +1, thinking that it would be drinks and canapés, lots of cheek kissing and networking followed by the show itself and was totally surprised.

The event team and restaurant had really outdone themselves! The restaurant was divided into two sections, the first one with mostly drink seating were “regular customers” enjoyed a night out, chatting and drinking. They became the perfect busy backdrop for the whole setting! Then “our” part, the restaurant where we all first got to mingle and I found myself in a room with lots and lots of friends! One year in with TLF and I felt at home, having the time of my life with people that I respect and enjoy! We then all got seated at the large tables and treated to a spectacular dinner! I had not expected this twist and with being a total food LOVER, I was in seventh heaven. Yes, there will always be certain fashion-clientel who won’t eat at functions like this, but I’m not included. The restaurant was so smart and treated us with over 10 of their most liked dishes, starting with antipasti and then rolling out wonderful main courses of salmon, veal, grilled legumes and asparagus, sauce béarnaise, potato dauphinois, risotto and so on for everyone at the table to taste and share. YES, it’s safe to say I will be back soon dining at La Cantine du Faubourg. Such an amazing PR trick they pulled hahaha.

As I know a number of friends that had been working backstage to put together this year’s fashion show, I felt so proud on their behalf when the models started to cruise between the tables! For this year, all makeup was done by Laura Mercier ME and hair by wonderful AVEDA who, let’s face it, are pros when it comes to dry-styling and runways! The models looked amazing but it was hard to photograph them in the dark restaurant while sat at the table. I focused mostly on hair and makeup followed by accessories and found a lot of gorgeous details to look up on my next visit to Bloomies.

The show ended with a BANG and in came desserts. I wished that you had all been there, because it was one of those nights when, in the car back home, I needed to pinch myself. Dubai’s glittering skyline, champagne, fashion, friendships, new contacts and great food.

I can’t wait for the next time, that is, if the invitation will present itself ;-).  ♥


Thank you Bloomingdales Dubai and Al Tayer for having me
  1. Oh what a fabulous time! I would die to be able to attend any Fashion Week or get behind the scenes for knowing about the makeup etc. Always love hearing about your heavenly experiences, living vicariously through you! 😉

    Gorgeous photos as usual my love!


    1. Gorgeous Mika! you are so incredibly kind and generous with your words. I loved to take you with me to this event as it was so fabulous and well executed. I’m not all that used to the makeup by Laura Mercier, I only use their bases and powders, but it looked very nice!!! Kisses darling and thank you for reading! xoxo M

    1. Wonderful friend! I love to take you with me, even if it’s just by words and pictures as I know that you would have loved the evening. I savour these moments for sure, but your rainy day with tea and editing sounded equally luxurious to me. I really long for one of those right now! Kisses, M

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