For That Luxurious Xmas Feeling

It’s Christmas Eve, maybe the most magical day of the year? I can’t really feel it, as all the elements of a proper Scandinavian Christmas are currently missing. But within the beauty-community we have seen, tried, tested and tasted the holidays for some months now, we can consider us lucky, as within retail it’s now perfectly fine to kick off the season in August, lol!

I just wanted to check in, see how you all are doing, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas then you might be having days off for The Prophets Birthday?


Something I really enjoy during this season, is all limited edition and festive collections. I think it’s wonderful with collectors items, and so I wanted to share some of my favourites with you.

First of all, Versace makeup. I honestly don’t even know if you can purchase it anymore, but when I was younger there was a small boutique that carried the line. I picked up some of the items mainly for the amazing design of the compacts. I just let them sit on my shelf and love looking at them. The medusa at the top just speaks to me!

More, and more importantly still available, are the Estée Lauder collection of small powder compacts. These are pieces of art.

They are not available in the UAE and very rarely seen in small counters over the world, but online and at large high end compartment stores you can get lucky near christmas time. If you find them, please pick one up!

They come so neatly packed in a velvet box with velvet pouch to go with. Placing the compact in your hand, you’ll feel how heavy it is despite it’s small size.

These beautiful items comes in a bunch if designs, I’m a lucky owner of the 24-karat Gold Plated Alligator Compact and the 24-kart Gold plated compact. They were favourites of Evelyn Lauder and so, still some of it’s retail price goes to breast cancer research.

The compacts are filled with pressed translucent setting powder; they are refillable and carries a small powder sponge. It’s delicate twist-opener reminds me of those pocket watches men used to carry back in the olden days.

Sometimes we tend to rule out Estee Lauder when discussing top tier makeup companies, but it’s not fair. As you can see, they carry collectors items and especially skincare lines that are immensely competitive on the high-end market!

I would have loved to have something so precious handed down to me by former generations, it’s not jewellery but it is telling us something about time and what’s timeless. The perfect gifts for someone close to your heart ♥

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