Go Nude, But Better with NUDESTIX*

There are some boxes to tick before I personally can say that a product or a brand gives me that luxurious feeling. As multi-functional NUDESTIX finally launching here in Dubai, at Sephora Middle East, my expectations were high, to say the least!

Why, you might ask?

I didn’t know a lot about the brand but I liked and like their simple rule about not smearing your beautiful face, features and skin with heavy makeup on a daily basis – if not needed. Don’t get me wrong here: I love a full makeup routine, but only for certain occasions. For my every day life I like my skin to rest and recover and I don’t want to spend an hour doing my makeup only to go grocery shopping.

So what is NUDESTIX then?

Founded by scientist and Chemical Engineer Jenny (aka The Mom) she was looking at her two teenage daughters as inspiration when she created a line of makeup crayons that would be multi-functional, kind to the skin and in a “neutral” color range to compliment a nude skin look.

Both daughters, Ally and Taylor are Co-founders of the brand and together the trio is so much more than the average Mother-Daughter team as they have designed an entire line of products that are suitable for all ages, ethnicities and skin types. Compared to other “teenage brands” NUDESTIX doesn’t feel girly or silly or young. It feels feminine, classy and timeless.

With a capsule collection – all products in stick-form – of Eye Pencils, Lip & Cheek products, Concealers, Clean Up sticks and so on, you can have your entire routine made by a set of crayons! Easy to pack, won’t break in your makeup bag and with formulations free from preservatives, parabens and gluten the entire line feels lovely on the skin, won’t cover it up but will provide you with a long-lasting result.

Also: the products are cruelty free. 

I was kindly gifted two of the NUDESTIX Magnetic Matte Lip Colour in the shades Rose and Retro. These are designed to be used on lips, as lipliner or on your cheeks as a blush stain. As you know I’m not a fan of matte lip products, I must say I prefer these to sit on my cheeks! They look natural and enhances my caramel-looking skin tone. They won’t smear or migrate even applied on top of a liquid foundation. If I would have been given the opportunity to choose my own collection of NUDESTIX; I’d opted for the Nudies Tinted Blur Stick (instead of foundation), the Nudies All Over Face Colour Glow (because glowing skin is always in), the Skin Concealer Pencil (as you know I like my base to look fresh before even thinking of colours) and finally all of the magical Magnetic Eye Colour Pencils (because the shade range is simply out of the world!).

I can go on and on about the products themselves, but the truth is I wanted to let you all know why I consider this brand to tick all of my boxes and what makes me want to support them even more:

Love Is Louder. There is a global non-profit organisation called The Jed Foundation. The foundation was founded by the parents of Jed after their teenage son sadly committed suicide. Their mission is to spread awareness of mental instability amongst young people trying to find their way into adulthood and they provide excellent tools to communities, private persons and high schools/colleges to detect and prevent anyone else from ending their own life.

As one if the initiatives from the organisation, Love Is Louder was created where you can use your voice or social media to simply spread kind words, encouragement and make sure that no one is left behind or feels excluded. Words are powerful and if you take the time to use them wisely, you can change the mental state of someone else. Both Ally and Taylor are advocates for the Love Is Louder movement and the brand support its cause.

As someone who’s educated teens and been one myself; I’ve seen first-hand the kind of mental instability that is quite common amongst young adults and how we tend to miss the signs or neglect to talk about it.

Although I love and applaud all charities that the beauty industry do for sustainability and people living in third world countries – I’m very pleased to see NUDESTIX supporting a health movement on their own home court! AS when you’re flying: add your own oxygen mask before trying to help others. I fully support spreading all awareness around mental health issues and this is why I will recommend the brand a little bit extra!

@NUDESTIX: welcome to Dubai ♥


*Products provided for review consideration 
  1. I loved reading this and I especially loved the charity that really ticked your boxes❤️ My younger daughter is a school teacher and counselor while my older daughter is a family practice physician. They both deal with teenage mental health issues on a regular basis and causes that support the healing of this heartbreaking problem. I’m ordering some of the nudestix products you mentioned ASAP 😘

    1. Mt wonderful Angel!! I really knew that you’d understand and support the cause but I had no idea that both your children are doing what they do on a regular basis. I applaud them! It is a heartbreaking problem and with social media (which we are a part of) it creates even more pressure to “be like everybody else”. I’m proud to support NUDESTIX and Love is Louder. Kisses, M

  2. This is so heartfelt and a beautifully written post. I’m like a broken record but this is one of those brands that for me, I’ve been aware of but am yet to wade into the magic. I love the concept as well, as making makeup easier to use and travel with is so important. I also truly appreciate the outreach the brand has attached itself to. As the Mum of a young adult, it really is important to remain as keyed in as possible. Thank you my dear, for seamlessly combining the beauty and the heart in this post:)

    1. Dear Marie: This comment. I’m so incredibly grateful for your beautiful words!! I think the mental health of our young adults are faltering with pressure from so many directions and social media being like an open, unfiltered (or VERY filtered) universe. It’s important to talk about it and to take preventive actions. I very much support NUDESTIX in their mission, with this and the products as a whole. Love from Dubai. xx, M

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