Greens and Peaches – SUQQU Summer’16

Imagine yourself sitting comfortable out on the deck, it’s a sunny Sunday afternoon and you’ve got all the time in the world to enjoy your afternoon tea. You look out over the garden, the large one with those old fruit trees and know that come sunset, the honeysuckle will fill the air.

This setting is all I see; all I sense when opening SUQQU’s Eyes & Cheek Color Compact in EX-02 NATSUYUUKA. I see peaches and greens, golden rays of the afternoon sun and a touch of romance. I hope you will too.

The summer 2016 collection has been all about the UK exclusive items, but this palette is actually sold (although being limited edition) where ever you can find SUQQU. If SUQQU stands for the modern woman with an active life and luxurious appearance, I myself find this specific palette to be a step out of that zone. I find it more quiet, peaceful and well, old-fashion but in a positive way.

Let me start with the packaging. I’ve already shown you the EX-01 with its silver lining appearance. The EX-02 wears gold. Simple and elegant gold stripes which is so unusual for SUQQU. I think I like it, but on the other hand, I also really love the original all-black sleek compacts. Hmm, this is not an easy one. Is it an enhancement or not? I honestly can’t tell. Obviously, it photographs well and the logo is visible this way, but there is something so magical about the original black logo on black lid.

It speaks without any words.

Then comes the applicator. This puzzles me a bit: SUQQU is known for their outstanding brushes. Anyone who’s ever tried them can vouch for that. They also make sure to have really high-quality bristles in their small applicators, making sure that we consumers will not trow them out in a second. So why – oh why? – do we get only one applicator, two ends, for 3-4 shades? It so doesn’t make sense to me. I love these applicators, they are the only ones I ever save and I would have died for a small version of the SUQQU cheek brush!

Greens and Peaches were the topic. This is how I would love my garden to be: green and lush with ripe fruit (maybe not peaches) but anything juicy and nice. Let’s start with the eyeshadows. First out is a warm, golden taupe. It has particles of brown in it, but goes on like a hue of sheen, luxurious powder. It is not highly pigmented and not sparkly on me, just perfect for a wash all over the mobile eyelid and up through the crease. It is one of those warn shades that, when reflected in the afternoon sun, will look like gold. I have used this one several times all on it’s own, nothing more except mascara, and felt like it is enough. It doesn’t crease or fall out, but applied over a creamy eyeshadow base, it stays on longer and more true to colour.

Then comes the dark, velvety teal-green. I don’t even know how to properly describe this shade as I suspect it to look different on different skin colours. On me, with caramel skin it goes more dark green but I’ve seen swatches online suggesting it can look blue. On SUQQU Official’s Youtube channel, the MUA applies this shade on top of the golden one, but only as an eyeliner. It works very well indeed to wear like that and looking at upcoming FW16 collections, there are a number of teal and dark greens to come, making this palette to look amazing even for the next season! I have of course tried it all over, as a smokey green eye and well, it looks absolutely amazing to wear it like that and only add the golden shade to the inner corner of your eyes!

The formula is almost creamy though it is a powder. they are easy to blend without loosing their pigments and stays on for a full working day. Like with all SUQQU eyeshadows, the quality is high and I enjoy the fact that they don’t carry any specific scent to them. They feel kind to our sensitive skin around the eyes.

For the cheeks: a blusher in the warmest of peachy corals loaded with a golden touch. Seriously: no one can look bad in this shade. You can have alabaster skin and add a pop of colour along the hollow of your cheek bone or you can have a complete sun-kissed look and let your apples of the cheek glow with peachy delight. Either way, it is exquisite but still very moderate and tasteful. This palette is not about bright and bold. It is just like that Sunday afternoon. Serenity. Also, there is a highlighter in a cold toned frosty peach that on me goes almost pink. I think we can all agree that 2016 so far has been the year of highlighters! I’ve never own so many of them in my entire life: powders, liquids, creams, in moisturisers….you name it, I’ve got it. I don’t think that this highlighter is a must-have and if it was sold in a single package it wouldn’t be my most wanted one.

But. Together with the blusher and with their cream-to-powder formula they work so well. It is just such a lovely palette and I do not have any other that comes with these colour combinations. I truly appreciate it and think it will be well used during coming Fall months.

Have you ever tried this particular colour combination before? Are you like me a fan of green if it is dark and sophisticated enough? Please leave a comment here or over at Instagram to discuss the latest SUQQU collection. My personal opinion is still this: SS2016 is a huge step outside the comfort zone for the company, colour-wise, textures, packaging and new items like the crayons already reviewed here. I enjoy it! Very much ♥


Item provided to me for review consideration 
    1. Babe! You are gorgeous as well!! Thank you so so much for always saying such nice things about the photos. I’m just learning as I go and I love this part of the job so much. Ha en grym helg!

  1. I haven’t even heard about SUQQU before you, yet to my eyes that palette is divine can you imagen that peach blush on a nice sunny day 👌.

    1. Esnath! I’m just going to say this: wait and see….there are a full collection of AMAZING SUQQU blushers on the way of launching and I can’t wait for it to happen! They sit so nicely on the skin, doesn’t move during the course of the day and you will always be able to build up the perfect shade with them. I do understand why it’s the MUAs darling. Kisses cutie pie <3

    1. Hi Beautiful! I’m so happy to see you commenting in here as well! Yes this palette really is something special, I’m very happy with it even though I know that the shades are not for everyone haha. Yes, that;s correct: I’m Scandinavian but living in Dubai since a number of years back! Let me know if you ever come visit :). xoxo M

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