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April 28. Today is the day!! If you are lucky enough to live in London, I totally demand you to head down to Selfridge’s to attend the UK Exclusive Launch of SUQQU SS16. It might be the best summer collection I’ve ever seen and most certainly the best one for 2016.

I’ve already shown you the EX-31. Now, let’s up the ante! Presenting Blended Color Eyeshadow EX-30. My intention was to wright a detailed review of all the swatches and different way of using this magnificent and unique quad, but then the pictures happened and well: I think they speak a lot for themselves.

Now, what’s so special about EX-30? Is it a “must have”? I claim so and for some good reasons: first of all, we have seen a trend of blue shades emerging since last year, but I’ve not come across a quad that features a solid matte deep dark navy blue. It is wearable without ending up looking like you’ve been in a fight or need to return to the 80’s. Only as a smoked eyeliner on the lower lashline, this shade stands out without drawing attention and is as much suitable for the boardroom as at a party. Quite an accomplishment!

Then the chalk white, matte as I’ve never seen before (same with EX-31) which is like a magic trick: layered firstly on the lid, it functions as a neutraliser and eyeshadow base. On me, the lid just looks smooth and prepped; not white at all! I also think it’s a fantastic product (wouldn’t say shade here) for blending together the other colours into a blurry, seamless finish. A little photoshop friend if you like!

Further reasons to why this beauty is a “must have”? Look at this. I mean. Just look.

To get a matte shade that looks lime in the pan, citrus on the brush and goes on like a wash of brightness on your lid is lust a delight. I would say “no, that’s not a wearable shade”! But you know what? It totally is. And That’s why SUQQU is so outstanding. This amazing company is the professional MUAs fried, yes, but it is made for the elegant, sophisticated woman who knows how to enhance the personal beauty in a chic way. My friends: this is chic. Used in the inner corner and out on the lower and higher lashlines, it just sparks the interest! Makes the eye looking interesting and really beautiful. For my hazel brown eyes, they pick up the light from this shade and goes almost golden.

Last, but in now way least; the star of this whole collection (in my opinion) and the reason why you need to own this quad: the silky smooth, satiny aqua-turquoise shade with infused warm micro-fine glitters. DAMN, it is so much fun and can be used in a very playful way or to create the most sophisticated look. I have never own a shade like this (or the combination this quad offers) and I’ve been wearing it to all occasions possible. I even used it by the pool and I never wear makeup for that! It just seemed like it would be cheating not to take her with me!

So there you have it: the quality, the different textures, the fact that you once again get some matte shades to play with, how bendable they are, the combination of shades which, let’s face it, is just remarkable, fresh and new and the fact that it is super limited edition UK exclusive is my statement for why you just need to own it and love it and use it! No collections item please, she is meant to be loved and used and admired.

Again, I feel I really need to show you some of the work made by SUQQUs consulting MUAs. These pictures below are obviously not taken by me, but as I add the Instagram handle for each and everyone of them, please go and say hello and let Jorge and Keiko know how much you like their work! They truly deserve the spotlight. And yes, go online and order the collection before it’s gone with the wind. I will update you with additional gorgeous items from it ASAP ♥

Makeup: @jorgemakeup
Photographer: @matsitek
Makeup: @keikomizuno
Photographer: @matsitek
Pictures courtesy of @suqqu_uk_official
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