Is it Christmas soon? How to cheat the feeling with SUQQU

Fashion Month continues and we have just seen all of what London had to offer, now moving on to Milan. London Fashion Week is always dear to me as there are so many brands I enjoy and so many makeup artists whom I really respect who’s working the shows. This Fall, I saw some looks that I really loved and some that were way too editorial for my taste. As it should be; LFW is all about no borders and a free flow of creativity.

Two of my all time favourite brands can be spotted during LFW: Burberry and SUQQU. Inspired by this, but with the urge to still keep things simple I’m showing you today’s 3 essentials:

  • The Classic silk scarf by Burberry
  • Hot lips by Guerlain 

And maybe most importantly: the newest addition to SUQQU UK: their Eyeliner Liquid Pen Duo. This little gadget is actually a part of SUQQUs first Christmas Collection and will not be launched until October, 6th 2016. Still, it is so good that I wanted to cheat a bit and tell you all about it!

You, my friends, knows very well that I’m absolutely rubbish when it comes to apply eyeliners. We’ve been over that before. When I unpacked the Eyeliner Liquid Pen Duo I felt a bit scared. How would I be able to write a good and positive review on something I usually avoid using!?

The answer: SUQQU made it really easy for me by actually producing an eyeliner that I can work! First of all, this baby is Dual-ended. 

#01 comes in Black and Brown whilst mine, #02 is Black and Burgundy. This is perfect for a girl like me, as I can map out my eyeliner with the softer burgundy shade (even though I’m pretty sure that’s not the point of the shade: its pretty amazing to wear on its own) and then when I’m happy, I just apply the black liner on top of it for a sharper, intense effect! The felt tips are quite sturdy which I like, if they are too flexible I tend to shake on my hand and create anything but a straight line…I need to feel where I have the tip and what it is doing. It is very sharp and allow me to create a precise kitten flick while thinking that this little gem must make its way straight down Lisa Eldridge’s professional kit.

SUQQU is owned by Kanebo Cosmetics and all of their products are extremely kind to the skin. So also this eyeliner. I’ve got sensitive eyes, I tend to get milia quite easily and its hard for me to wear eyeliner together with contact lenses as my eyes gets dry and itchy. If I decide to use eye drops, the eyeliner usually just melts away.

This one actually stayed put even with the eye drop-test which is promising, I know I can use it on evenings out and still look OK!

I like the combination of a flirtatious eyeliner flick and red lips. It is effortless and chic which felt very appropriate for today’s adventures. I also like deluxe minis. I think we all really do! This Guerlain mini KISSKISS Le Rouge Crème Galbant #325 has been following me around as it’s that perfect red with a bluish undertone! It makes my teeth and skin tone look less yellow and the formula is very rich and comfortable on my lips. Paired with the scarf I feel well dressed without having to work so hard.

I hope you enjoy these “less is more”-posts as well. We all know that both skincare- and makeup routines easily can fit 14 products in a row (and I actually don’t mind at all) but it is nice to sometimes see that with great quality products, you can achieve a luxurious look with minimal effort and still feel pretty chic and cool!

More SUQQU will soon be following as I have spent a good part of the recent month to test out everything from skincare via base products to AW2016 and Christmas2016 collections.

Talk about That crazy Luxurious Feeling.

Ooopa! ♥

  1. Aw I’m so happy that SUQQU sent you so many goodies! You truly deserve it and Iove your review of this liner! I’m a liner addict and cannot be without creating a cat eye, since I have such small almond eyes I am kind of forced to do them to elongate my eye lol this sounds like a great product! 🙂 I loooove Kate Kanebo products!! I used to non-stop buy them in Japan when I lived there and even living here I would buy them, not so much lately but I still own a lot from the brand. I never bought any SUQQU when I was there because was a bit over my price range but always dreamt of owning makeup from them. Enjoy your goodies my dear 🙂 look forward to more reviews!


    1. Mika!! First of all, you don’t have small eyes! I’ve seen pictures lol 🙂 but you DO master a perfect eyeliner and look great in it. I totally understand you, SUQQU is indeed a high-end brand with a price tag to go with it. But I just LOVE it. I’m so happy that you enjoy the reviews and that me getting some products will benefit you as well! Hugs and Kisses, M

  2. I want this liner so bad!! I recently bought Inglot’s gel liner… it is intensely black for some reason, it is a major disaster when I put it on. It’s like….. EVERYWHERE! Every time i use it? Looks like I did my eye makeup without a mirror, so sad. I love pens and the point on this one looks really fine for a perfect wing. I’ll need to pick this one up!

    1. Oh Janine that’s just a disaster! I hate it when products are not performing well, and ruins the base if you need to wipe it off. Clearly not what you signed up for! 🙁 I need pens or a good, stiff brush so I can FEEL my application and what I’m doing. The whole Xmas-16 collection by SUQQU is lovely and very playful! xoxo, M

    1. Hi Sweetie! hahaha yeah but we can’t be good at everything, right?! I will never master a perfect eyeliner but I’m kind of OK with that, since a very elongating flick doesn’t really suit my style. It looks so much better on others! xoxo, M

    1. My lovely Linda! hahahaha, Oh how I wish I could apply eyeliner the way you do! It’s a real struggle for me. I think this duo-liner is beautiful and it has definitely made the process a lot more easy for me. It is so fun to have a SUQQU-sister i you! Kisses from Dubai, M

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