Is it Christmas soon?

Is it Christmas soon?

Yes I’m one of those dreadful creatures that LOVES Christmas! Everything about it is magical and as fall enters, you will notice me getting worse and worse!

I do write Wish lists to Santa. Every year. Why not? It is a cute tradition that makes my husband crazy (but really, it is a good thing because we both know how to steer away from any gift disasters happening).

For my parents, it’s just a sign that everything is well with me, I’m like I have always been and there is no harm in wishing….it is free!

I also love to shop for gifts. Last year I made my parents a 24-day gift calendar in the spirit of skincare and makeup. I had so much fun making it, wrapping it and so on. It is a complete joy to give, and to watch somebody open presents for 24 days straight is a heck of a lot fun =)

If someone is like me, and try to by gifts all year round as soon as they come across something good (and this one is a bit to steep for me, but maybe someone else doesn’t mind the prize tag?) I’ve got a great tip:

Chanel DOUBLE IN FIDELITY luxury set sporting 7 tone matched lipsticks and nail polishes in a limited edition vanity case.

It reminds me of the Tom Ford total nail polish collection or Charlotte Tillbury’s lipstick case. A fun, not unique, but still super glamorous idea. The lipsticks are Rouge Allure Luminous intense lipcolor which holds great pigments and keeps the lips moist and plump.

So, is it Christmas soon, I wonder….

This set can be found at Bergdorf Goodman (picture credit) or at

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